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Cupcakes are my thing >vO

I've been obsessed with Kingdom Hearts & Naruto lately<3


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My OTPs are already HanamixNozomu and PresidentxNao *v*
I don't even know why I haven't been updating this...

I apologize guys ;o;; <3

Hope you enjoy<3
The last panel made laugh. I think I love Peter even more now<3

AH P.S. Love the new hair Patrick! :D
@Hero of Comedy: Thank you! :'D
Adkfja;d Just say you love him already Jacob<333

Edit: I think I'm the only one who likes Jacob & Abel together :V orz.
Sorry for the wait everyone! ;V;
Is Peter still with Kara? I can't remember if they broke up but I don't see them together much anymore D:
@Kiss Of Ashes: I agree. Zadel seriously needs to get punched.
Naruto didn't anyone teach you to cover your mouth when you sneeze?!
Who could this man be? <v< I'm really happy how this paged turned out c: It was fun toning this<3 Jin looks fat on panel 3 though |D


@Simica: Jin's just being a sour puss. That's probably what Hana would do xD
I agree with richan222 c:
Hahaha, I'm so sorry Kiba.

Thanks for the comments guys! c:
Oh Hana.
@Razellia: LOL he's wearing a beanie XDD

I guess it does look like a bowl cut.
Uglyyy paaaage.
sorry guys U-U

"I--!" what Kiba?!

Thanks for the comments<3 ;v;
Jin... what is with that face? It's not very attractive ):


@Simica: Thank you! ;v;
2 page update! ;V; There's another page before this.

Thanks for the comments guys<3
simple page. Not much going on here *v*


@Simica: Jin is actually half Japanese while Hana is full Mexican *v* He probably learned it from Hana XD