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This only further extends my dumb headcannon where Ket is actually the 9th life connected to the Kat/Katai timeline established in Mute.

Now how Kumori fits into it, I'll have to fanwank it a bit...
And like that, new ground is forged; we have a name! Well, spoken in story at least.
Astounding revelation. But hey, if he had to pay him back on way, then smiting the Spearow's with the force of Arce-er, PokeGod is not a terrible choice.
@Zynk: Except that didn't change the fact he still intended to blow Wily's face off if he wasn't reminded about the Law of Robotics. Just because he was stopped, doesn't mean he still didn't have the intent.
Admittedly, due to SPOILER EVENTS OF QUESTIONABLE CANON, this could've been intentional on Oak's part...
I wonder if that cloak's fire proof?
Poor Bass. The true strength of Serenade right now isn't just their power; it's the fact they can cooperate with their NetNavi. Whereas Bass just orders Sean into giving him the chips, Serenade's putting trust into Cossack for their strategy. And it's clear already which way is superior...
Oh, some information on how the characters work, very nice!

Also, I'm guessing that synchro percentage will be important to know about later...
Aaaaand there goes his hand.
Clearly he's drunk too much of the stuff and now it's part of his bloodstream, shifting his gender every once in a while!

....what!? It's better than your theory!
They may not win, but that's no longer the point...

Good for the both of them.
>Marcus: Perhaps a walk below deck might be nice, if only to check up on any other passengers aboard the Miranda.
And then Wily creates the robot anti-christ, beginning the end of humanity.

Out of SPITE!
"That's mondo bad."



"I don't think he ever realized how often I was behind him, listening in."

did you just
Interesting. It's time to the Net-Op of Serenade in action...
Playtimes over, kid; here comes a new challenge!
There we go. Now let's see a real fight!