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i like games and anime...
I don't know many things,But being a gamer has benefits...

sweet f'ing jebus!Is it too much of a problem to get a simple chat!?!?!?
May 1st, 2013
oooh after me being MIA on Smackjeeves and such, I come to see this comic has made drastic action scenes! xD
Folks, we are talking about sigma right? yup, screwed like a bunch of nuts and bolts.
well congrats on graduating, ironic that i graduate the same day.
Hehe~ saito the $#!+ talker. Like how ya got their personallity down pat. Wish i could work on my sprites, it be awesome to cameo a good second.
Oh mah gawd! I went through this comic over a heck alot of times, and by george i'm flippin out here to hear this isn't dead! I love your art, so cute and sassy! And I'll wait and support how long this will take.
Well now i know who i'm rooting for... everyone in the comic! Just too darn cute!
I kno this would happen to first time boothers... funny tho, i'm enjoying the art style here
I kno this would happen to first time boothers... funny tho, i'm enjoying the art style here
i was in shock when i saw this was updated. and i say the black n white looks good. glad to have you back.(temporary)
would have been funny if he was fighting in the arena, all the bosses of the game dead by one Pawnch!
f-zero don't have shit on kirby when it comes to his abilities and warp stars. I mean the dragoon is just pure raep...
shadow really must hate everyone...
Hard,snake,top,gemini,blank the rest of the robots.... and i suggest use [censored]!! Lame weapons tend to be the strong ones other than that.... power stone thingy.
Ahhh... do a barrel roll?
Yeah... ya might want to cut back on that...
I bet page 69 felt good too.
Ahhh... good ol star fox and their memes.
And Space britian exists! And they make monkeys talk!? I enjoy the future.
Ah man I just enjoy hearing knuckles be so smart... then again he is the ambassador of angel island.
@The_mad_one: TMO POWAHS ACTIVATE!!!