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Yugami nee na!
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But how can one respond back if you get blocked? people seriously BLOCK you for this? That's the opposite of what the block feature is used for!

Crazy people.
Is that the new Nintendo 64 he's got!? :O
Pastafarians! :D
I've been down that road before. xD
It's better than being awake most of the time. :D
You don't need teeth to be a sweet tooth! :D
Mind has been blown.
What a touching story.
Now that was a simple question :D
Shirt B)
November 10th, 2010
lol, he hasn't grown much. :D
He's no face cuz he has no face :D
Oh, Father, you're so wacky. :3
lol, too true. x3
lol oops!
If the bible were written today, it would probably get rejected. :3
hehe I love this comic :D