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Hey, I'm .::Dani::. And I like long walks on the beach. Haha

I work, go to school, and snowboard on my free time, so when it comes to sitting my butt down and drawing a comic page is a rarity. Im getting better at not putting it off, but still not awesome. That's why my comic updates are every other week, gives me a lot of time inbetween. Drawing is a secret passion of mine, but not a big one. I am the first to admit my drawings are not the best, but they have dramatically improved so yeah~!

I hope you check out my comic!!! Also I do not bite hard so if you want to talk, feel free to message me!
Hey my lovely mika, I know I don't tell you this often..... But you are doing absolutely fantastic on the comic. Every time I have time to come read it it makes me want to actually finish drawing mine. Your art is very inspiring! Lots of love
How dare he not see his beloved Runi!
Awwwww you got azi perfectly I love him <3 and you =D
Hehe I think that moment will always be my favorite part
@popcornxing: You shall see! Or you might figure it out..... Or I might tell ya later on. Who knows with me mhahahaha!
@renchikolul: yep I finished this one the same day I finished page 7, i wasn't going to post it till the 12th. However I got antsy and knew I'd forget to post it. So yeah~ the next one or two most likely wont get done till next week or so!
@renchikolul: hehe thank you!!!!! *loves on* I'm happy to hear that!
@kitsune fire: thank you very much! I was drawing more when I disappeared. It's crazy to see the difference. But thank you again~!
Simple page, but oh well. It origninally was supposed to be on the previous page, but it felt like that'd be too much. Anyways, yay another update from me! Awesome right? hahah this never happens. But i fail at backgrounds, so work with me till i get better.

Yay im actually trying to make a somewhat good fight scene. Good returning page yes? I think its starting to look better! And there may be a new page in a few days~! Maybe haha.

@popcornxing: lol well I told ya I've been itching to draw him with his long hair. He was way fun to draw! I'm so happy you like the drawing! I worked hard and tried new things, and pretty happy with the outcome. And okay! I do not mind if you put it on your page! I'd love that actually<3
@kitsune fire: *snuggles* Thank you very much! It makes me so happy to know I was not completely forgotten! *snuggles more* ^o^
Over a year later, I have finally sorted out all my life issues (mostly) and I have a new laptop to finish all my drawings. So i now have returned once more and hopefully nothing happens to cause me to leave again. I did not mean for it to last as long as it did, but yeah. My goal is to try to update a page every other Sunday or Monday. THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO STILL LOOKS AT MY COMIC!
December 17th, 2012
Mehhhhhh mikaaaaaaa you are making me feel guilty not drawing!!!!! But yay more pages!!!! *dances*
Hehe it's still amazing!
took me five times to post this so here i hope its okay... i know its not the best

September 20th, 2011
OMG THATS AWESOME~~~~~~~!!! hehe i did not expect that hehe LOOOOOVE IT Im totally faving this comic now
THANK YOU SO MUCH~! I loooove hearing that. It makes me want to make the next page even faster~
September 18th, 2011
YAY A PAGE~! AND YAY A CHANGE OF SCENE TOO. But poor theo lol he is having a hard first day.
I hope y'all like it and im sorry that i cant do the layout/ change of scenes very well.... lol atleast the art is okay!
<3 Dani