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I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, though I love relaxing just as much. My friends are my family. ^_^ My interests for romance lean towards women, for sure. Women just plain rule. Softer, sexier, and more understanding and patient.

I've trained in the martial arts, Shudokan, and am more trained in normal street fighting, and with knowledge of both Akido and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), I have pretty much blended street fighting, martial arts and things I've seen used. I'm also trained in various weaponry from bows, to guns, and short swords. I wish to train with long swords and broad swords to increase my strength, but I don't have the money to go and do it. I need to go back and learn even more discipline.

I'm very tomboyish and reckless here and there. I like a good challenge and outdoor sports, especially rock climbing. I am also a bibliophile. Book-maniac, in other words. Mostly with Manga (Japanese books, comic-style more often than not.) as opposed to regular American books. I also love to play video games and hang out with people.
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    Alexandra (Alex or Lex) Weiler
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O_O We catching back up to present time?
If you start selling this as a comic/manga, I will so be buying it.
YUS! A little action! Finally!
I see nothing...
I just nearly had a friggn heart attack, thanks. =_=;
Nice. Can't wait for more. O_O
LOL Business-like mafia couple. XD I can see it now.
XD I have no comment.
Always nice.

He isn't gonna try and attack, is he?? O_O;

EDIT: Oh, wait, he's slipping. XD
WEWT! Aw, I'd been waiting for this. XD
LOL Love the expression in the last panel.
Oooooo! XD
You should come to Sakura Con next year. ^_^ I'd so buy something!
Wewties! WB. Oh, hey, did you join an MMORPG called NeoSteam, btw??
Roooooooxxxxxx!!!!!!! O_O;
YAY! Update!! *tackles*

LOLZ!! XD Geeze, isn't it obvious??
How about "Weretiger"? o.0 I hope. That would be AWESOME!!