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Akito Kaiba
I like lots of things. Anime, Harry Potter, Marvel, Sherlock Holmes, Drawing, Reading, Making fun of stupid people at work, Shounen-ai/Yaoi (don't knock it till ya try it), Imitating sounds, and various other activities...
I'm INCREDIBLY lazy and sometimes go all day without food I try to be on the computer, but well... hey, I try.
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What did he do? Did he just aggro all the hyenas? I've done that before. Except it was pirates on another game. :/
Gawd those gurls.
Girls like that drive me nuts! They're always like "Oh... I'm bi and I have a crush on you... will you be my girlfriend?" and then a few days later they're all like "Oh. A boy likes me! Bye it was just a phase! :D" and then I'm left wondering what the hell is going on. D:< I feel like I can't trust girls wearing lipgloss now. They just assume I'm gonna get over it and find a boy too just because I use makeup like a straight girl.
Ohhh yeah.
My first ex was - legitimately - psychotic. She was really pushy and awful, too. My second ex was horribly demanding and needy. My last ex was my best friend, but she never talks to me anymore. :/ I know how yah feel. Girls are crazy crazy things.
Yeah... my barbies had, like, Jerry Springer lives. And my kens were gay. :/
Yes. Yes. This is me like, every day.
I want to see seven minutes in heaven with the crew... and Florence/Basil in the closet! :D
My theory is confirmed!! British!!!
Only a brit would call a boss sweater like that a "jumper"... and Top Gear! Aha!!
The uke bubbles and seme sparkles! My emotions are conflicted! I don't know whether to squee or swoon!
I love that word. That's what my gramma says. "Mijo"
Being called Mija is a nice feeling...
I would love it if Tommy just went around grabbing crotches. That would be hilarious!

<.< >.> ... because I *totally* don't greet people that way.
That's my mom to a 't'.
"Did you study for physics yet?!"
"Mom, I'm not even in the car yet."
">( Study so you can go to a REAL college!"
This is one of my OCs. Her name is Tesni:
Tesni can be a little brat, but she means well. She also has a tendency to put anything she finds in her mouth. It's just how she explores.
Are those... lightsabers?!

Hardcore, yo.
I totally love this.
I wish I could have big-sistered my siblings like this.

And I like Clarissa's nails. They remind me of my momma's.
I know, right? I've been begging for the power to go out at my school, but the damn lines are underground. Sometimes California just sucks.
TB totally bites.
My great gramma (still alive) had it and so did my cousin (also alive).
They have it dormant or something. They can still transmit it, but it won't hurt them anymore.
So cute!
I remember when I wasn't afraid of mud... oh wait...
They are so cute and they remind me of my little brothers (before they got obnoxious)
Yeah. Same here. I really, really hate snow but I was BEGGING for it to snow the other day. Not a flake.

California sucks balls.
Best. Idea. Ever.
This snowman is proof that Tommy, my brother, and I would get along very well together. Did he write his name in the snow in front? XDDD
I <3 Niya-sama
Niya cracks me up.

Apparently he cracks my five year old cousin up too. He jumped up on my lap and went "Why does that man wear a bra?" I lol'd sooo hard.

But we love him. "Bra" and all.