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I have been gone for quite some time, and I am returning with many great things! I want to be a cartoonist in my spare time, making webcomics of all sorts, to share my stories with the world... for them to enjoy as much as I did imagining them.
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just a demo
It's Ready...
Legends is completely re-done, with a year and a half or so amount of work. The story is deep, and the art is fantastic. Few more days....
Showing you I have been sharpening up my skill here, yes its gona look like dis..
yep,now to get workding on some actualy funny comics
Comeing Soon...
Mr. Monday, Starting next week. Check the New's for detail's :3
New Members
With the leaveing of Mellina for good, 2 new Members have joined the team, Please welcome.. Kassie and Juju.. :3
Can you eat nothing? O_o
Fridays comic now up, enjoy. :3
Don't worry, this will not effect Friday's Comic. 8P
This is it.
Meh.. I say seya later Game Dog's. It wasnt geting veiws lately anyway's.. Plus its just to darn boring. :) So Swing around Mental Image's for the launch party!!! Here's the link..

Join the Mental Image's Team in the Chat room Friday night only to chat and what not. It will be one of the tabs at the site. but only for Friday night. The whole team is gona be there :P.
This is going to be the last filler for a while. Now that E3 has passed I have a guzz load of idea's :P Stay tuned.. O-o
Made useing some creator on the Sout Park website.. and it's Wallpaper Sized. :P
A reader's hand..
I feel bad about Scott haveing to push himself to make comic's.. so I decided to help him out.. This is a Guest comic submission to hopefully tide over his reader's... With my luck he will actualy see it :3
I just wana know if I drew them correctly.. ignore the lines and :3

Vg Cat's Rules
Im going to help scott out with his comics due to he is ill from lack of sleep, so I will be submiting a guest comic. This is just a pencile scetch..reason why the lines are crappy. Leme know how I did :P
Info Here
This is an upcomeing non-profit fan movie for the videogame Red Faction. Also there are plans for a webcomic Here. useing the Havok source it will look incredible.. the site currently resides at myspace..
Warcry be comeing... Search Warcry now to fave the site ahead of time.
I shall take that advice.. gona be a while for me to turn this boat around
The Main Character
Basicly she is the main character all through Warcry.
Yup..this is totaly what would
Sorry Folk's
Totaly honest here...leme know if there be more ye fan's out :3

Rock on Vg Cat's..! Woot..!