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I love Yaoi stories :3 Dont get me wrong, i love a good hentai, but i just find myself more persuaded by the dark side of the moon x-3
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August 25th, 2010
ohmygaaaaawwd!! X-> lmaorofl! that was awesome! X-D lols going 2 miles per hour!! lol! yea!! gettin sum road head! X-D LoveLove it! Plz upd8 soon!!! :'-c
Looove the mustache on the Mona Lisa! rofl!!! (-P
lmfaorofl!!! oh gwad!! X-DD Herz is such a klutz!! lmao!! Also i agree with wut many others hav sed, Herz is sooo cuute!!! x-> LoveLove it!! Needs more plz! (-3
0.o Minlillelam has a big weewee o.0 .....
lmao a man...& a pirate ship... hahahaha!! (-P Can't w8 to see more!......Soon plz!! :-D
lmfao! Bear Rape; u cant look @ bear rape & NOT laugh! ha! X->
yea i figured it was a song of sum sort wen i was about half way thru it. Thats cool :) SO is that wut Herz & his brothers listen to? Jeez no wonder his brothers get angry so easily O.o
Holy Crap!! Lmfao!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! that is the funniest part of this whole comic!! X-DD AAAAHH!! lmao (-P LUV it!! More plz!!
@ 1st i thought they were gonna b like all adopted by this gay couple & not really b rel8ed or sumthing! XD Sooo funny! (-> totally adding this 1 to my favs <3333
Me Likey!!!! <3333 Mass Por Favor!!
lols (-P i luv luv how he's made the principal his personal bitch boy X-DD rofl!! Too funny! X-3
omfg! roflmao!! aaawww poor
Keith (but still i'd like to see him tied up n sum1s basement!! X-DDD) is it me or are we just a LITTLE twisted for wanting to see him playing "hide the meat gun"? lmfao (-3
Quick! Quick!! While the sexiness is still fresh in my mind wheres the next comic?!!!!!!! >.< (btw, dude i f'ing rock at this shit! >.<)
lol the "hard way" *teehee*
oh dear! 8-o I wonder what he thin ks abpout playing leap frog? *mental image* 0.o .....
me likey! more plz!! ~_^
How often do u update? (So i can keep track) (-> keep up the great funny sexy work! ;-P
i love!! i love it!! i love it!! more plz!!!! (->
oooo i feel a seduction scene coming up soon!!!! :D ...........plz? :-/
yummy |-> mmmmmmm that was just delicious ;-) mmmm more please |-> & congrats on 900+! Keep up the great work ;-3 absolutely...delicious. Must have more! >.<
love ite!! love it!! love it!! Love it!!! & the music makes Cappuccino look really crazy cool!! (did i mention that i love it?) hooray 4 man-whores!!!!!!!!!! X-DD