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I love Yaoi stories :3 Dont get me wrong, i love a good hentai, but i just find myself more persuaded by the dark side of the moon x-3
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August 25th, 2010
ohmygaaaaawwd!! X-> lmaorofl! that was awesome! X-D lols going 2 miles per hour!! lol! yea!! gettin sum road head! X-D LoveLove it! Plz upd8 soon!!! :'-c
Looove the mustache on the Mona Lisa! rofl!!! (-P
lmfaorofl!!! oh gwad!! X-DD Herz is such a klutz!! lmao!! Also i agree with wut many others hav sed, Herz is sooo cuute!!! x-> LoveLove it!! Needs more plz! (-3
woohoo!! lets see meowth get raped!! (-D What a strange bunch of people we are that we delight in the "pain" of others >-) Rape!! Time Now!! >.<
its definetly Voltorb! Look @ the shape of his eye!! >.o
Ok 2 things: (1.) To answer your question Yoowl about whether this particular manga reads left to right or right to left, its right to left (-> (so yes its probably panel 3 on those hands you were talking about). (2.) .......NEED MORE!!!! >.o *twitch**twitch* Btw, he prolly didnt get raped wen pikachu "blacked out" b/c he's about to give himself freely in the next couple of pages ;-P mmmm yummy! (-P Gawd! i cant wait!!! *fidgets in anticipation* >.<
Epiphany!! :-D
Alakazam could be doing something!! (He's a psychic pokemon). Of course it could be that because pokemon aren't used to having these emotions (or maybe shouldn't have them according to the laws of nature) that they all eventually fall prey to the "dark side" of human emotions (i.e. jealousy, rage, contempt, trying to rape Ash, obsession, hate, violence, did i mention trying to rape Ash?) And Psyduck is already showing signs of outright jealousy. It makes you wonder whats going on in their heads that makes them so prone to over-doing human emotions? On a lighter note, love the story, very interesting!! Luvluv this one! (->
0.o Minlillelam has a big weewee o.0 .....
lmao a man...& a pirate ship... hahahaha!! (-P Can't w8 to see more!......Soon plz!! :-D
lmfao! Bear Rape; u cant look @ bear rape & NOT laugh! ha! X->
yea i figured it was a song of sum sort wen i was about half way thru it. Thats cool :) SO is that wut Herz & his brothers listen to? Jeez no wonder his brothers get angry so easily O.o
Holy Crap!! Lmfao!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! that is the funniest part of this whole comic!! X-DD AAAAHH!! lmao (-P LUV it!! More plz!!
@ 1st i thought they were gonna b like all adopted by this gay couple & not really b rel8ed or sumthing! XD Sooo funny! (-> totally adding this 1 to my favs <3333
Me Likey!!!! <3333 Mass Por Favor!!
lols (-P i luv luv how he's made the principal his personal bitch boy X-DD rofl!! Too funny! X-3
omfg! roflmao!! aaawww poor
Keith (but still i'd like to see him tied up n sum1s basement!! X-DDD) is it me or are we just a LITTLE twisted for wanting to see him playing "hide the meat gun"? lmfao (-3
Quick! Quick!! While the sexiness is still fresh in my mind wheres the next comic?!!!!!!! >.< (btw, dude i f'ing rock at this shit! >.<)
lol the "hard way" *teehee*
oh dear! 8-o I wonder what he thin ks abpout playing leap frog? *mental image* 0.o .....
aaawwwwwww!!! x-> sooo cute!!! x-> *chuu* X->
me likey! more plz!! ~_^