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My name is Robert Paul Shelley Jr.I'm a cartoonist and graphic artist.I help my friend Roy Duncan on The Villain Next Door.I Graduated from the Joe Kubert School Of Cartooning.Thats all for now!
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    Robert Paul Shelley
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Past Holiday Pin-up
Here is a Pinup of some of the cast!I am just now getting the archives transferred from another site!The holidays are over but more Pawz must be made
I feel what your sayin
HAHAHA Thanks for that pucha.
Wow I really love your comic!Very funny and very well drawn!!!
Admin of P.T.C
Thanks for the compliment Pucha,I was begining to wonder if people was even going to post anything on my pages,Im no art God but a kind word is nice,heck any comment is nice!thanks again!!!