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HEY THERE!!! I'm a person!! I know, that tells you a lot, right??

Before I go any further, let me just say: I just lost the game!

I don't think there is anything cuter than gay boys!! They're just so adorable!! *squeals*
I blame my friend/twin/emo bf, Maggie, for turning me into an obessive fangirl, but that's why I lubb her!!
I'm a bit random, I know but-- OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!! (1000 Meere by Tokio Hotel!!)
Tokio Hotel is godly, listen to them if you don't already.
I just started taking Spanish this year, and it's pretty easy. It's kinda hard to believe that it gets harder, as my friend, Roy G. Biv says, lol.

LLAMAS!!! I love llamas!!!
I want a llama!!

I'm not the insane one here, he is!! *points at Bob*
Bob: Why do you say I'm the insane one when your the only one that can see me?!
Me: I dunno. That sounds like your problem.

I'm a lesi. Kewl.

bye now!

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I had a feeling that they used to date...I'm not really shocked, but it wasn't meant to be a shock, was it?! *raises eyebrow* xD

Oh man, I love Ren!

Oh god, I love Ren. xD
Aww, this just put me in a much better mood. xD Clover, of course you're gonna be in pain!! xD
*dies of a severe laughing-induced asthsma attack* xD Thanks for the fansevice! Oh god, I love you!
Yeeps. I have a bad feeling...D:
Of course you couldn't think straight!!! xD

*sqeaul* I love you!! Seriously!! You. Are. AMAZING!!! xD *glomps*
Me gusta!!
Dammit, Maggie! You stole the virginity before me! 8(

I love this page. It makes me as happy as a cuddlefish! 8D
Ren, Ren,'re just too cute!! xD (In a violent sort of
That song has always scared me. ALWAYS.
Strange things?!?!? What kinda of strange things, I

Christmas chocolate does BAD things to our minds!!! BAD THINGS!!!

But yeah, the bubble in the third panel is made of total win!! xD
*squeal* You're amazing!! I love you!!! *dieshappy*
This comic is amazing!! 'nuff said. (All of my other comment was taken...oh well!!) xD
The first panel made me laugh. I'm kinda glad you took a lot of time to make it look cool! ^_^

Ya gotta love how people just drag Sam around like he's a friggin' rag doll!! Lol.
Sticking your feet in people's faces is fun. People hate me for it. 8P

I love how Ren just turns Monday's head with his foot. It's so cool. I wonder if I can do that. *contemplates this thought*

*hugs Monday* I still lubb you, Monday!!
Lol!!! Facecrotch and Ren!! OMG I love you!!! 8D


HI JEFF!!! *waves to fgirlmaggie*
HA!!! I love this!!!
Monday looks like he's gonna kill Ren for taking his time with Clover away.

*fangasms* I think I just went to fangirl heavan, and I REALLY like it here!! *squeals* *fangirls* *shot*
*squeals* MONDAY!!! He looks so adorable!!
AWWWW!! Poor Monday!! Clover, stop being mean!! :<