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I have a feeling Daisy is a very sad person. Dang girl, you lonely.
Is it bad I want him to say "Gurl, you crazy!" and then say they're just friends?
I really like this bathroom. When I grow up, I want one just like it. Also, the detail on this page is damn fine. Teach me your ways, please.
Spit it out, man!
August 26th, 2010
This looks amazing; also, dem eyelashes.
Pretty much everyone I knew thought Frieza was a girl with a sore throat.
Mayuu's face is like D:}
This page is perfect in every way. I enjoy this comic. There should be more like this. Actually, no; there shouldn't, because then all the charm would be uncharming.
Why does this old man's nose mysteriously appear and disappear? That's probably what's freaking Dake out.
RUN, GIRL, RUN! You should have known not to trust anyone with "Afro" in their name.

By the way, wonderful comic.
...Is it a bad thing that I always read Camilo's lines as if Antonio Banderas was saying them?