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There is no information on Nemui at this time. :)

Although, she likes to read comics--the really good ones. Even if they're not popular. :)
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    Ebihara Nemu
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February 19th, 2015
Uh oh I read up until this part and I hope nothing bad is happening! D:

On another note, I really love how you use the negative spaces in each your panels! It feels so soothing and relaxing while giving that comforting silence, if you know what I mean. Also my aim is to draw clouds as pretty as yours! I really like how you put so much love in the characters and the whole pages when you draw these so I keep it in mind while I'm scripting my own comic.
The cockroach colony in the microwave made me laugh so hard! I remember cockroaches love to infest the innards of our microwave oven even though we clean it after each use! Probsbly they're attracted to th coating on the wires or the warmth? I'm still puzzled why they like to live in there.

I don't use a microwave anymore because of this.
This update made me all giddy and happy! Sasha and Ruthie are so perfect together I'm so happy to see their story develop. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful comic with us!
YESSS!!! Finally something working out great!!
Sasha needs to go! Ruthie is waiting for him. Don't jilt ruthieeee!! :(((((
Wow... Stephanie's a little extreme on the Fujoshi scale. I guess it's fun "shipping" old dads together...?

It's quite amusing really...
BLAKE'S MOM IS AWESOME! And I really love how you draw to convey emotions and their actions. It's so real I can touch it! I look forward to your updates! :D
December 4th, 2013
OMG... don't make me throw a joke about having construction company.

If you know that home repair show called "This Old House" well... I was gonna say something along the lines of "These Old Men in This Old House" (I know I'm not even funny--but I laughed at my own joke!)

I see the pattern here for Timothy now. 8D
LAWL! Adam is so cool! He seems very infectious! Brad is still adorable being all needy "DAVID WHY DON'T WE HANG OUT ANYMORE" needy. LOL

Soo cute. All of these are cute~~~

You have a cute life~
HAHA!! Well, who wouldn't have a crush on Adam? I know *I* do (because of the crazy hair and fiery personality).

Well... I get fixated on guys with wild hair like that. HAR HAR
Adam's hair is beautiful! Sorry I haven't commented (just got caught up after taking off from the internet).

I wanna see more of the fiery Adam and Michael brother dynamic! :D
October 8th, 2013
LAWL! Timothy is too chicken to do anything to the chicken! Just show him how it's done, Daniel! 8D

Also, thanks for the advices on sketching with ink! I've apparently fallen waaaay behind on the sketching w/ ink or a sharpie marker because I've become LAZY and preoccupied.

But yes, I shall do that sketching in ink again on any piece of paper I find. 8D

Btw... I am "ebi-nemu" at tumblr (the one who submitted the ask about drawing Brad & David as Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle LOL)
October 3rd, 2013
GOOD GAWD!!! THESE 2! LOL this is super funny. he saw the tramp stamp in the phone pic... LMFAO OMG... I can't even leave a coherent sentence anymore!
OMG... this story! It's more and more interesting and moving~ I love it~~
October 1st, 2013
@ErrePi: Thank you for answering! I really admire comic art that is simple but very effective. I have yet to "master" that technique!

20 minutes? Wow... that is amazingly fast! My 20 minutes are often spent... in a disorganized manner so I often end up spending 4 hours just to complete ONE panel (I really need to discipline myself to just be focused).

I will keep drawing so that I can be confident with my lines and use a more simple style.

Thanks for the information and advices!
September 30th, 2013
How do you do it?! I mean... I already know how you draw your comic but there's a je ne sais quoi that I can't grasp because it's so simple and beautiful.

Do you spend hours and hours laboring on these pages or do you just dab colors and abstract shapes effortlessly. I'm still amazed even though I've read all pages up to this point.

I'm sorry that I'm rambling. I'm very much into comics, scripting and making them so I tend to ponder even the most banal of things such as how one draws their comics.

I would draw your comic for you but the results will be DISASTROUS because I am not at your level yet.
September 30th, 2013
Wow... he sure moves fast! Hold off on it until a few more dates and bring in some more suspense (I don't know I'm just old-fashioned). LOL

I hope there will be some slice-of-life scenes where the 2 of them hang out and learn more about each other. 8D
LAWL "Your power is wasted on you." Line is the best! I love this comic!

That's all I could say~
September 3rd, 2013
Hey welcome back! It's nice to see this comic update again~

The style is really nice. I actually prefer lines on the characters because it makes them stand out to me and more recognizable (helps me differentiate them from each other). But keep on experimenting!