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@justonceagain: I took some inspirations from the sprite; the point green hair thing and the leaf arm bandana. The rest I actually took from the grovyle moemon, because grovyle seemed to have an eastern/ninja-like design in my opinion.
@arensonjt: They exploded one at a time, of course. In-game I just healed her whenever she went below the half-hp mark.
boom boom boom boom

There was an area by the weather institute where I decided to grind out some levels for Taria (because pinecos were the only thing she could beat for decent exp).
@L30N1DAS: Thanks, comments like these are what keep me going!
@Guest: I think Taria grew over 10 levels grinding with the pinecos in the actual run... they were pretty much the only thing she was able to kill.
@justonceagain: Thanks dood... I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the comic. I was this close to abandoning it but I'd get the occasional comments looking forward for more; those brought me back. Hope you continue to read on, thanks!
@SoraIndigo: And more to come!
Yep I'm still alive; shocking! I wonder if any of the original fans still remain. Seriously doubt it, it's been years!
@DracheLehre: This is moemon 386, you can catch gen 1-3 in the wild so the encounters are more varied =)
whos that pokemo-
Keeping on chugging-ing.
Will upload small segments of one part from now on, to upload more frequently and in higher quality.
Ignition: ON.
I WONT TAKE TWO YEARS AGAIN swear. I'm at a part where I really don't want to cut it short. (aka shit's about to go down.)

So uh... the mara vs atlas fight was really demotivating me. After thinking recently, I came with the conclusion, 'just skip it goddamnit.'

There was a reason I didn't want to skip this fight, I guess I'll just let it be known when the time is right...

I suggest reading from the beginning as a refresher-!

for those of you who have not abandoned the run...
I'm surprised people are still waiting for updates even after a year...! Really sorry for the disappointment, guys.

The next chapter will come...

;_; Honestly the next chap's been 90% done for almost a year, and I'll admit I was too lazy to finish it a few months after that, but now I'm just Really busy with my final year thesis that's due in a few days. After that I'll be a lot free-er to work on anything I want, so...
September 16th, 2012
Not dead
will upload soon.
Sorry for the lateness!
A little something I drew for the nuzlocke forum!