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ok lets just get this out of the yes im a perv, maybe even a super perv but you must understand that i'm a perverted gentalmen meaning im a horny teddy bear that put you needs frist but still comments on you looks.
now i like porn i mean i like to read to pleasu i mean i read for pleasure only cant write or draw so if i put anything up (fat mother fing chance of that) so im just a watcher
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hello there you still alive
im with cyberRngr on this one *drools/nose bleed/pants getting tight*
i'm with ruhani i'm faving cuz i most know how this plays out
October 5th, 2009
i've read this comic atleast 3 times already before an nevered fav so you get a fav with me telling you how much i love this comic with a dash of me begging for more.
*coherent thoughts are unavailable at this time, plz hang up and try again as soon the blood returns to the brain, thank you for call*
September 21st, 2009
so he's was in seme mode he be able to get a super uke, but now he's trying to be uke...cant wait to see.
ohh sh*# it is on
i know who it beating for :3
thats so cute... wait how old is she
so thats how she stays skinny XD
going completely insane is a bad thing but if she already gone completely insane then youve reached your happy place
be happy its only one taking the fall for you two
the books can not only talk but is a prev
oh its go time bicth
has a radom feeling of city hunter to it
ps love it
June 30th, 2009
lolo just made me gay even if i became the uke and that is that saddes sweetes death anyone has gotten yet im faving
it dose for me
June 25th, 2009
my pic says it all