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I'm not really much to look at. Just a normal guy that loves video games. I love the Starcraft series as well as the Megaman series of of games.
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Good news: Turns out someone has ripped some of Aeolus' sprites. Only the normal attacks unfortunately, but it's something!

As for why it took so long, ZXA is, for some reason, particularly difficult to rip sprites from.
So this is where the Undertaker wandered off to... interesting.
The way I see it, there are three outcomes to this:
1. The attack utterly destroys B08.
2. The attack hurts B08 and the fight continues.
3. B08 pulls an Enker-like weapon and reflects Clouman's attack.
Somehow, I get the feeling the that gun is going to be causing some pain when it comes back down.
Woah, lots of familiar faces. Vanity Woman, Mercman, Scubaman, Tackleman, Brainman, Maceman, Centman, Agilman, Dream, Dodgeman, Grappleman, Adaptman, Strikeman, Tetrisman, Clashman, Frank, the list goes on. Quite the gallery.
@jtubbesi I'm very sure you are right. That spike boot seems to remind me of Punk. Plus, as you said, they have been in an 8-bit game before.
Someone is going to get eliminated here and now. It could frankly be any of them, even Megaman, unless he is immune to all of his weapons like he is in the game.
Poor Mario....
Judging by the fact his color is dark purple with lighter purple, it is most likely Black Hole Bomb. If so, then Mario will wish he wasn't standing where he was in the next comic.
@Hero of Comedy
Megaman has about 98 robot master powers, so Sonic and Mario are basically doomed. It will be over for them if he pulls something like astro crush. (It rains giant meteors on the enemy for those that don't know.)
@Red Jirachi
Actually, from what Quint said in the last panel, I don't think he knows Silver. Although, I like your other theories.
@ Shard
Imagine Groudon. (For those that don't know, Groudon is the heaviest pokemon, over 2,000 pounds, while Wailord is less than 1,000 pounds.)
I can relate to this very well. The first move my togepi in silver used via metronome was explosion.

On a slightly related note, one night I was playing diamond, my Togetic used Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Dark Void via metronome, all in a row.
@ Shard

Same here, I loved trying to figure those out.
How about that. I never would have guessed that the Mega Arm would be used. Very interesting plot twist!
Wow, that is really cool. It actually looks like it belongs in an actual game. Nice job!
Not a unicorn
It has two horns, so it isn't a unicorn.
Somehow, I just knew Marine was referring to Megaman in the previous comic and not Sonic.
@Parody- Most likely the Gizoid saw one of them (Joe or Buzz) and the other hit the Gizoid from behind.
Stone Cold?
Call me crazy, but I think there is a chance she was turned to stone. If you look at her face, its the same as when the Gizoid shot her with that black energy. Also ASG, I think King is back to normal, for now.
The Old King?
Am I the only one that sees something odd about King? He seems less...evil. His last statement seems to say that he's the one changed instead of G-mel. Something tells me King is going to fight G-mel and both will die.