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I'm a guy, mostly male. I like music, tv and comics and stuff.
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This was going to be the first Crimson Rabbit comic, but it didn't have the feel I wanted to start this comic off with.
That little altercation with the mime has given the Crimson Rabbit a little confidence so he's trying his game.
Too weird. My newest comic has Jason and Sam in it too. Awesome stuff by the way.
Once again the Crimson Rabbit has met his match by a thieving Jason Voorhees and a stab happy Sam from the movie Trick 'r Treat.
The Crimson Rabbit is trying to expand his territory by offering protection to his elderly neighbors who have no clue he is even there.
Where does he want to go? Camp Crystal lake or Sleepaway camp?
What's he talking about? There are some noodles, ketchup and an onion. Sounds like spaghetti to me.
Dude, this is hysterical!
LOL! You've got an awesome comic here.
If eating Mexican food can give you a stomach ache. I can only imagine what eating a whole Mexican would do.
December 10th, 2009
You know he is dead or at the very least knocked out cold.
I hate it when that happens.
LOL! I just found your comic. Brilliant stuff!
The chainsaw is perhaps the best invention ever!
Tell me about it. I gots no readers.
Ha ha I love your comic.
ha ha brilliant
I'm suprisec the kids not scared. Eyes like that scare the hell out of me.