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Back in black.
Hey everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus. The comic is officially on again. The only catch is, it's only going to update once or twice every week, since I've got a multitude of other things to do. But do keep reading!
I'm just putting a shout out to everyone about the webcomic. I'm going on complete hiatus for the holidays, and there won't be any new acts till after the New Year. I have not given up on Sonic and Amy Unlimited, just taking a little break from it due to the massive amount of art related projects I have to do. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.
If that's what you think....
Hey guys. Sorry to keep you all waiting, had an art project I was working on. I'll have the next act up tomorrow.
Act 18
And, after a short hiatus, Act 18! Sonic obviously realizes his mistake now!
Act 17
And so, continues the story. And it seems Sonic has gone insane. And he's getting hit a lot to.
He he he...
Well, keep expecting the unexpected.
Act 16
More Drama! More Suspense! More things you're asking questions that will soon be answered about.
Reviews, reviews, reviews
It will be. Everything will all make sense so enough. Besides, I can't just make everything happen all at once, can I?
Act 15
So now, the drama begins.
Wohoo! Readers!
Yesiree. Paint is the magic tool.
Act 14
Sonic is a stubborn one, isn't he. Where is Amy anyway? Keep reading and find out!
Okay, even though Act 13 is up, that spelling mistake does not want to go away. Every attempt at fixing it has failed, so, I'll just deal with it.....

Never mind's fine...
Act 12
Knuckles lives! Just like that song, Unknown From M.E. "This is my planet. I will not surrender!" Love that song. What does Sonic have to say???? Find out next!
Act 11
Really quick update, eh! So, it seems Knuckles isn't doing so well. Is he still alive? And what does Metal Sonic have planned???? Oh! I wish I knew!
Act 10
A little break from the romance, and onto a showdown between Metal Sonic and Knuckles! I wonder what Metal Sonic has in'll have to keep reading the comic to find out!
Well, lookie here...
That was a quick update. Unfortunately, my brain was begging me to get to the next Act, so I did. Read it and rate it. ")
Act 8
Act 8 is here! And from the looks of it, it seems Amy is about to bring the hammer down on Metal Sonic. Literally!
Wow, that was quick. Well, thanks for the compliment. Updates will probably be every two days or so, give or take.

Rate if possible.
Act 7
Hello everyone. I hope you've enjoyed Sonic and Amy Unlimited so far. Now I begin to be serious, and the comic's neatness and readability begins to somewhat approach perfection. So, the plot continues, and Knuckles lays down the law on Sonic!