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February 11th, 2009
I thought that The Cat King had to be a total badass, and I thought right!
No, Thank you. Good Game has given me faith in this site's users; apparently, a few of them can pump out quality works. I can only hope that my own future comic will be as inspirational as yours.
January 11th, 2009
Krazy, Mister kitty probally just wants a cup of cold coffe. this comic tends to me pretty anti climactic with the characters responding to such events in an exagerated manner because such things ussually happen in real life and not fiction.
There is also the possility that the he will tell them to go some thing humorously vague like 'save the world as we know it'.
January 10th, 2009
Let's see what we have here if this guy is really king. He's "annoying",apparently feeble, moody,and either forgetful or a narcicussic showoff. I'm guessing that he has to have some badass magic to prevent the denizens from overthrowing him.
I guess that hosting this on SA and DA wasn't enough. This is definintey one of best places to have, but you I'm afraid that you might still have a little too much competition.
I suspected that you were going to dig deeper into .hack parody and parody of RPG parodies and intorduce an effeminate male (lethaljoke?) character. The sad thing is that I was equally expecting the games equivalent to a Tonberry or cockatrice to show up ten minutes into the game, because that is usually my luck when it comes to Rougelikes.

anyway, I can't wait to see more of the story and this mysterious stranger.
December 30th, 2008
Why do Scorch and her friends have black nail polish?

Also my vote is for gingerbread cookies. Something will go horribely awry, and Scorch will get pissed and or eaten alive, then burst out of the gingerbread monser in a display of badassery, but thats just my guess.
December 27th, 2008
Mlai is right in a sense. It's hard to stress how different comic writing is from prose; it's highly viusal like film but much more so because you are only looking at stiff images. I see a lot of comics here that are poorly written, not because of bad plot (this is the a plauge though),but because the the text and art are simply unable to meld properly to an enjoyable comic. I may nto agree with the plot pacing that Scorch has, but Bitter tea knows how to make the panels flow like ale(Ale kicks wine's nonexistant ass.), and can make characters that are both amusing and visually appealing. She knows what is important!
Would it be safe to assume that al of these characters are either relatives or different forms of the same person? I find the facial construction for each of the character to be assontishingly simular to one another.
December 5th, 2008
A cure?
I got the summoning circle ready in my back yard. 235 unconcious virgins are tied up; each on their one fence post. Say the word and I will start an incantion that has 35% chance of curing you of The Red Death or any other form of plauge. It is all for the greater good!?
....You have created a monster!!!
From from on First Impressions shall be known by all as the prince of Humor webcomic genre. Please note that the current Queen is John Lesnick's Girly, since that comic is on haitus first impressions is having a temporary sex change and wil be taking over as queen until Girly retakes the throne.
exactly when are whe going to find out that the school is not actually a school but a n insane asylum with an academic theme?
the english was is over fine but "Oh my! Such fall, are you all right?" should be probally be changed to some of the vien of "Oh my! that was quite a fall; are you all right?" or somwthing.