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Just a cool, unkwown author.
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Ha, a paradox.
Wow, the comic that helped me find this website 3 years ago just ended. Times change.
despite megaman having weapons, sonic has the speed advantage and mario has the height advantage
translation, DHK is too lazy to make hammer sonic sprites =P
how does megaman know sonic's weakness?
you can tell all three of them are tired

mario is probally tired for using all those fireballs
sonic is tired from being blasted everywhere
and megaman is tired from constantly changin forms
sheesh, mario sure took his time charging his fireball
cause mario is stronger than luigi
I dont get it, isnt the faceless shyguy suspossed to be frozen?
@StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777
robot hornets explode, real hornets dont
aww, no update? =/
thats star, not stax
you mispelled beyond like 4 times
I was behind the black once
December 31st, 2009
happy new year!

geez, sonic is getting extra ass kicking than usual...

the whole shadow having a super form idea sucks for the sonic series since he can kick enough ass without it
me, digi, and mick was thinking on making a party 3 but we ended up going our seperate ways instead
the funny thing is eggman and maria are siblings