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I'd be up for week 3 if we did it.
Well I've just finished my first year at university and have several months free now, so I'd love to keep going!
I'd quite like to make a proper page, so I'd appreciate that thanks!
I really wanted to make a page but didn't have a clue what Ani's noise form was meant to be, so a joke page it is!

I'll move this to fillers later.
In case you're wondering...

- Ani is glowing because you could barely see him otherwise.

- Leo is still talking to himself.
I'm making a page as we speak, but it could take a while. A 5v1 fight scene is kind of hard to coordinate.
Leo, you can't keep that up when you've already asked for it to be moved to fillers XP
I like it. Can this be canon?
That blue glow is kinda supposed to signify a new power unlocked from her anger... or some other handwavey explanation along those lines.

Anyway, she'll use telekinesis to move objects around. I was planning to put her into a fight soon to show it.
Anticipating several questions now
1) The flames are supposed to be receding after the explosion in the last five panels. It didn't turn out right...

2) Erin was keeping the knife in her hair. She was bound to have one somewhere.

3) Yes, this is a permanent change. I'd have changed her sprites on the page, but I can't find the edit function at this exact moment. In any case, they're here:
I couldn't actually kill him off though XD
That's just what I was thinking XP
They just happened to be on Grave's sprite sheet.
With the amount of times RO has tried to fight Erin this week, I couldn't let it end without them having a showdown.
Kooler had a shield softening the blow.
I made the black background all the panels are on.
They sure do. Curse the luck.
Hmm, I wish panel six had turned out better, but I'm fairly happy with the others.

Holes in the wall brought to you by Zman's request for there to be property damage in the fight.
Some of us finished it weeks ago and have no choice but to wait for ReCoded now.