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BL frEak who tries to draw Shounen D: (FAIL)
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So yeah, Japan Expo in france made me inactive, work made me tired and life made me art-blocky D:
I really feel bad that I can;t work faster/better on this, but I promise, once I get back my mojo I'll try to upload 2 pages weekly ;n;' I really want to move this story forward and we've got so many followers It makes me feel even worse, so for now pelase forgive me ;_;

Anyway quality drop cause It was a rushed pencil page i managed to do at work ... N_N I will try to get myself sassy Neopico Ink soon and I'll try to make a couple of incoming pages in ink - I might eventually post drafts to just rush story forward and with the time either upload purteh pages here or just finish them for book version.

Good news though - my Japan Expo preparations are nearly done, so next update will be on weekend!

A-anyway Im so sorry again and thanks to all who are still patient with me OTL
I promise I'll try to adjust to intense life to get enough time for continuing this comic m(_ _)m.
Okay resuming the story :D!
Sorry for taking so long, gonna get some free days because of national holdiay so I'll try to work on these more!
Hey guys!
Starting this weekend we're relaunching BH ! :D
We needed some time to discuss incoming events within the comic and plan some things out, hence the short break.
Soon I might do more than page weekly to gain some speed with the plot! For now have some sassy Astir and grumpy Jidai C: ~!
Finnaly chapter 3 ends!
I will upload title page on weekday to not waste sunday Update on it hahaXD

Anyway Thank You so much for following us so far!
Sorry for last page being so cheap but yeah, lol , darkness XD

Uhh Tap tap SFX sounds so ... uhh... wrong XD because of reasons hahaha... But I didnt knew the alternative OTL.

Anyway hugs for Eleannor for trans!

I personally would preffer monster myself too Q_Q
A few incoming pages will be actually a bit easier so I might speed up updates a littleXD
Anyway sorrrrrry for not replying yet!
I promise to do it soon!!! ;_;
Lots of hugs for for translations! XD
Omg i really rushed it Last min so apologies, But still, Its better to be drafty than none at all, RIGHT XD? <3
Aw look I didnt forgot about update:P
But I did forgot to spam my dear translator-kun Pedes early enough for translations, thats why apologies for all english crappy errors, will be fixed tommorow!

I will also reply to all comments tommorow at work.
I'm so sorry but I took very long with this page and I need to get up at 7 am ;__; (and It's 2am alreadt OTL)

Thank you so much for such warm wellcome after this hardcore break ;____; !!!!!
@PureSnowBird Haha yes, I really felt like total crap all this time Q_Q Lots of things happened but now I hope everything will be Ok and we will be able to continiue with the story :'D
Apologies for an almost anniversary year break guys LOL :'D
Lots of stuff happened, got regular job and It kinda makes everything more difficult now haha;
But I'll do my best to make updates on Sundays~! (If i have time I'll try to make it a bit more often).

Please don't give up on us just yet XD!
Next up coming this week, cheers~!

PS: I soon open BH related tumblr blog with sketches drafts, infos, strip comics and so on and so on C: <3

PPS: Super thanks to for last minute translation XD <3
@Thal Aww nuuh~! I just have too much stuff to work on but If i give it all till end of this weekday I will be able to resume comic on weekend XD Guess I go sketchy mode to catch up plot a little though OTL.
Im really terribly sorry but I spent whole day on floor or infront of tv or I ate watermelon (on floor) and I was hugging my Electric fan today Q_Q
36 celcius whole day, Its night now, yet it's still fucking 29 celcius.
My hands are melting so I cant even draw on tablet lol.
Which is why i just go lie down now and continue to rot. Comic will be updated tommorow cause I heard that heat will finaly go down Q_Q
@Pedes : don't believe in pretense 8D I ziomku widzialam maila na komorce :D Jutro ci odpisze <3

@Profanity00 : awhh XD <3 Yours cute too 8D They surely like to pop up randomly out of nowhere (but i think smell would give them out XD) I tried to come up with orginal design but I can only draw zombies (and dragons Q_Q'') so its zombielike dude yay! :D

@demandincompensation Theyll use power of friendship @w@~ (lul they're doomed)

@Asj: teehee~ Ull see~ (in 2 months maybe hohoho lol ) But yeah ill try to update at least 2 times a week now Q_Q I got really nice nibs from japan and drawing comic with ink is easier than CG lol :'D

@SJninja Awww u really read it three times D: And ur sane Q_Q wow my congrats to You XD <3 but buuh thats so nice of you :D More motivation like that and I could draw everyday~
@kate0808 Astir will throw Jidai to monster and will make a run for it *m*. Anyway thank You <3!

@darkauras Oh thank You for correction, It's typically polish way of constructing sentences like that haha XD And yeah haha, thanks to his father he's well educated at least :D
Sorry for delayness, I was stubborn to make this page in Ink but couldnt find time for it earlier Q_Q
But look at the bright side... ok no bright sides. sorry :D

Uber thanks for brave Eleannor @ DA for help with english C:
Aww ty for warm welcome guys <3 Page coming up today C: <3
@grifendel : Thanks for stepping by <333 :D
@*Suki* : Yush no more hiatus Q_Q! Got some time now hoho !

@framboise : lol yeah that update was totally random. I just saw these 6 months and .. ugh XD Anyway no more breaks<3!

@reapervampire : Im glad too, you cant imagine how much :D Thank you <3

@Raichi : LOL Well he had a lot of time on his hands in the dungeon, maybe opened piercing studio or smth XD
It's not Matrix, It's an update :D!
Okay so before You throw rocks at me Let me explain what happened :(

So 6 months ago I got a job, which is defiantely the main cause of this ugly hiatus. Beside job Itself I had very annoying university final flash-coding-included-with-shitload-drawings-game project to accomplish till basically now, some slump issues on the way, online games addiction for a short while and in the end I just couldn't keep up with anything (My deviantart died too :'D).

It's really sad that the older you get the less time and motivation You have for things you love, but that's life i guess.
I even started to play money lotteries to change my sad fate of an adult. Once I win and won't have to give a fuck about my future, I will do updates daily :D

I'm really sorry about it, but yeah, life :I

Anyway BH is officially back after hiatus, I even ordered Zebra G-pen nibs to make this page the traditional way to make up to You after this hardcore break Q_Q (I can't promise same for the next page tho XD But I'll try to make some pages the old, fancy way sometimes Q_Q )

So why I haven't wrote a thing about break D: Cause I was naively hoping that It won't take so long... And once It did I felt like crap and just avoided SJ to not stress myself over comments again Q_Q

And that's it in short. I wont bore You any further and move to the intresting part, which is updates!

For now I start with 1-2 pages weekly, I still have to decide on days but I like tuesdays so i think tuesday will be one of them. If time will allow me I'll try to do it more often, but I think it wont be possible till I'm completly done with univeristy, so sorry in advance :(

Anyway I wanted to thank to people who didnt gave up hope, and still visited us daily, despite the break... Q_Q
Really lots of luv to You guys <3
I'm really sorry to dissapoint you but I will try to not make it happen ever again :'D

So that would be it,

Next update coming in less than 6 months ;p
@Thal YES. I will be TRU ADULT :I !
@Thal worse, master project :v But I think we'll fail to finish it ontime anyway (BUT WE TRAI!) so we're gona defend our master degrees in june X'D