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Gerty trousers.
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January 21st, 2014
I'm all caught up! Cutest shit! I super-love Natty!
@Idiotface: Well, I did it. I looked through every comment you made. AND NOW MY SELF-ESTEEM IS WRECKED.
@Idiotface: Hey, no need for sarkies. Inspiration was thin on the ground, there's a reason we didn't use this comic again :'( :'( :'(
Seriously though, guys. I was just reading a bit about the plot for Toy Story 3 and it sounds like a monster tear-jerker. Like Jessie's song from two but for the entire film and TURNED UP TO ELEVEN!!

I am stoked. Stoked for crying.
Screencaps by Hannah
You updated it all. :D

Unfortunately I lacked the googling skills to find that out back in early 2005. I did try but eventually gave up.
I'm pretty glad I did though because the Shakespeare references got phased out pretty soon and 'Hamlet's' a lot less specific.
'We're only trying to entertain ourselves' is the worst excuse eveeeeerr.
you suck, William.
Good on Archie, I'd take the defect of an abnormally long lower arm than no personality any day.
I may have already uploaded this...
Why does it take me a year to spot spelling errors?
Seriously, I have looked at every panel of this thing SO MANY TIMES since I drew it.
'dirty stinking carrot' was William's idea.
Was made for but the website won't let me log in.

WHATEVER! Here's a comic...
While walking to the supermarket today I had an idea for a proper antagonist (because I do think you need one)...

Ben Folds!
His evil goal is to make everything sound like Ben Folds.

You see it creates good story conflict because you, as the heroes, need to choose between a world where everything sounds like Ben Folds or destroying the fiend and nothing sounding like Ben Folds.

Also you can have fun re imagining various artists if there music was produced by Ben Folds.

Also his sidekick is Regina Spektor with a gun.

Also you can use the phrase 'brand of pretty, mom-friendly indiepop' which is an awesome phrase which I concocted in this same super-market-walking-to session.
Oh Ninjies you flamboyant genius, you.
I laughed then I read the description then I laughed again.
That font I had initially was AWESOME!
Unfortunately it got lost due to my banana-fingered typing in the font selection box rather than on the actual picture so I went for ariel after that because it begins with an a and so is the first halfway readable font on the list.
Alternative titles:
Skeletal Lampoon
Musical tastes

(NOTE: I have not actually heard this album at the time of writing)
I'm assured by the authors of these images that the intended humour lies in what an incompatible couple me and William would make and not in homosexuality being an inherantly funny concept.

I'm not so sure.