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I play Ultimate Frisbee, I skateboard, I play guitar and Bass guitar, I also sing. I also enjoy juggling activities such as poi twirling, staff twirling, Diabolo and juggling.
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Um.... what?
My holiday to Russia was amazing. I learned a few russian jokes and i'm thinking up a couple more so this might become a feature.
Hope this doesn't offend anyone...
Dunno why it would though, I mean did you see Usain Bolt running the 100m!!!
I love Wall-e!
And so should you! It's an amazing film! If you haven't already seen it go and see it now!

(On a side note, I don't like how Eve came out in this comic but I'm pleased with Wall-e!)
I'm working this weekend at a local music festival and I stick out like a sore thumb. Seriously the split of people is 50% hippies, 25% emo's, 24% local chav's (hoodies, yobs, yahoos, louts whatever you wanna call them) and me...
Still, getting paid to watch live bands is pretty sweet!
I don't die that easy..
Random parodies returns with a random update schedule, jokes that make no sense and some that aren't jokes at all, and an author who still can't produce a good comic...
I'm back baby!
Heh, you made me wikipedia existentialism. I now understand your comment. Thanks.
Sorry for another not-good joke, still a bit ill, and been working.
Ugh a pun! Sorry, but this isn't that great.
Yay Panda!
Me being ill still= another update with another crap joke.
Blame work and illness for no updates, as well as this one which proves my inability to come up with a decent joke whilst ill.
Well... you get it?
Cuteness overload on that raichu!
Hooray for futurama!
You are about to enter... The Scary Door!
He's got a sports car as well!
Isn't it obvious that everyone with a scheme for world domination is covering up for something else that's lacking?
What is the point?
I can't think up ideas so I'm gonna abandon Zombie Jim in favor of my other comic "Random Parodies"!
If there were any fans of this comic, sorry!
That's nothing, my Technologys teacher (that's shop to Americans) was called Phillip Phillips!
Despite this comic, I actually love Family Guy!
You could have said...
I.M: That's crazy...
Beetle: Yeh, but think of the benefit cheque!