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Ummm. :)

[Something witty and funny here]
haha, so uncreative when I'm sleepy.
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Duuude, this comic is wicked awesome.
I'm loving the little slug/hermit crab thing with a blue wig.

Faving. c:
guess whoo's back...back again
oh gawd. i've disappeared for quite some time. SORRY GUYS. OTL.
but guess what....last week, for my splendid birthday, Haigave me a tablet. c: WHOOO. So hopefully I can get some pages up sooner now.

bwahha. thank you all for the comments and faves. They make my day. c:
And yesh. If we could all jsut pop identical clones out of our heads, life would be better.
To Be Continued...
this one is three parts I believe. XP
So yoou'll have to wait til tomorrow.

Mmmmm ramen.

I look stupid in the first panel. >.>
So this is all I've got for nooow. c: But you know they'll be mooore. That is....If you buy me a tablet in a moooonth!!! c; heee hee juust kidding.

Damn. Got this right on 11:11
I made a wish too. :) But that's a secret you'll never know.

Yeeeeiiiaaah Betch. I own. :)
Happy Birthday Fool. c;
It's depressing how often this actually happens to me. :C

And yesh. that is little sister Beebo. Who spends her life interrupting my quiet peaceful moments to interject with facts about animals. D:

I owed her a cameo appearance at the very least though. XP I made her work on these comics with me so i could finish inking. >.<
No...i'm not actually asexual. XP
But what fun would it be if I was! c:

Hmm...Never actually had grape juice before...wonder if it's good....
No time to color. OTL

and no seriously...latest boyfriend looks like spock. c:
It's true. when she gets bored...i get very scared. XP

Little sister flat colored most of this for meee. too busy drawing more strips. c: STUPID PHOTOSHOP KEEPS DYING ON ME. >.<
Haaaapppy Biiirthday. Holy Fuck...did I...did I...? DAMN RIGHT. I just made you a freaking WEBCOMIC for your birthday.

How cool beans am I? I know. Best little sister ever. So congrats on being 19...and on getting to star in a webcomic so bombtastic as this one. c:

If you're reading this and it's not July 9th....well's me rushing like mad to get this up and running before my sister gets home from work on the day before her bday. XP So leave a comment saying happy birthday to HAI!!
wheeeeeeeeee more pages. This one looking slightly nicer. Xp
Starting to get the hang of this here. XP

Third panel is supposed to be a knocker.
And the last is the bird laying at her feet.

'tis all for now!
This comic is positively amazing.
I booow to you!
fail OTL
AGH. i'm so sorry.
I undertook this but i haven't done anythign in half a year. :c

but it'sokay...because i'm baaack to finish where yazzy left off.

I know it's been a while. but my art has hopefully improved and the pages will look better. The style is slightly different, no two artists can be identical. XP So I hope you enjoy!

Stupid old victorian house was a pain in the butt.*mutters and hides*

EDIT: Oh and thank you little red for your support! c:
July 6th, 2009
Ho shiets!
This is awesome. :DD

Post moore now. c:
Girls in love really are the world's biggest nightmare. :C
hoh shiiet. hoh shiiiet.

I've never read your comic before and i have no effing idea why.

I bow to yoou. c:
This is cute. :)
Pictures are pretty.
Good Start so far!
December 31st, 2008
wwah. :)
So cute!

Hello there!
Yazzy has asked me to continue her here you go!

Sorry it's not nearly as nice as her pages...I'm still getting the hang of drawing her characters. And I'm trying to stay as true to her style as I can. Have mercy on me! *hides from mobs of angry fans* TT_TT

Next page will be better! :D
Keep reading!
Thanks! XD