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Page 17
Damn I forget this thing for so long!

Hey guys, I'm sure you won't even remember this. Anyway, if you happen to still remember this, enjoy this truly late page. I was hoping to have more time to draw the next chapter, but I haven't. Life's like that.

The truth is, today is the 4th anniversary of this comic. I don't celebrate it that much, but just so you know. Maybe I'll add the next page sometime soon.

Anyway, maybe it's not Jackie's after all.

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Page 16
Right now everything takes a nose dive. Yup, Jackie was bad news all along

Versión en español.
Page 15
You only need a little courage. And everything looks like it's moving along quite well, but Jackie is there to ruin everything. Hey, nothing's perfect.

Versión en español.
Page 14
I hate myself for not being able to keep a promise.

So let's move on. Jackie is once again a pain in the ass. Could this lead somewhere?

Versión en español.
December 15th, 2012
Page 13
Sometimes when you least expect it, life gives you a little push forward.

By the way, sorry for the lateness again. I'm on vacation right now, so I hopefully will finish to upload this chapter in a few weeks.

Versión en español.
December 14th, 2012
@Godel Fishbreath:
Thank you. It's been hard, but I guess I'm eventually getting better.
Page 12
With Rautho now in the same scene, this is starting to look quite difficult for Johnny. Remaining calm isn't a big strength of his. And if you add that now the guy behind him doesn't find his antics amusing...

Versión en español.
Page 11
Everyone's seem to be enjoying the movie... But Rautho's dissapointed. So he decides to lend Johnny a hand... or control him over completely. At least he's actually doing something.

Versión en español.
Page 10
Johnny has to calm down Jackie to assure they can have a good time at the movies. And now, we shall continue with whatever they're watching.
Page 9
It seems this will be a eventful evening. Anyway, now it's time to distract Jackie.

8 segundos.
Page 8
The wait has been getting longer and longer, and the girls are starting to notice that. This might be a problem for both of our guys...

Versión en español.
Page 7
This should be easy... or maybe not. This looks like it's going to take a long time for both guys.

Versión en español
Page 6
So today's the big day. Everything's going according to the plan, but they have a ticking bomb inside that may explode at any minute.

Page 5
Johnny's night out is crumbling down, but Marc comes to the rescue! Though he could leave him with the trouble...

Now that everything's starting to clear up, off to the cinema!

Versión en español
@Godel Fishbreath, Otter: I changed the banner in the spanish site. I haven't done so in the english site because I don't have much time to check the programming. I should update the wallpaper and the navigation bar, too.
I'll tell you a secret, but don't tell anyone. The 8 seconds passed a long time ago, though, I haven't said when that happened. I'll get there eventually.
@Godel Fishbreath: I have a backup in an external drive. I had one last time, but stupid me, I dropped it and lost everything in it. I'm being more careful with this one.

About the other thing, no, the title won't change. Truth be told, the name was the most difficult part to decide of the comic XD
There's a reason, and it will be revealed eventually, but I haven't decided when to do it.
Page 4
My PC is back again, so here's next page. I didn't have time to upload it yesterday... so Sunday.

Today, Johnny's mom hasn't forgotten what he did to his sister. Maybe he can go out, but she wants them to get along. Will she succeed?

Versión en español.
@lolstaz: Long time don't see! Well, I WAS updating but my PC decided to die again. At least I learned from last time, because I made a backup. Now I'm waiting for the warrant to fix my PC so I can resume the uploading.
Page 3
Johnny receives a mysterious message. He finally realizes that it said something that wasn't what he expected. But at least it's something, and now is time to plan the night-out.

In other news, this June 4 is 8 seconds Third anniversary. Whoa, it's been a long time since I started uploading the comic. A lot of things have happened, and I'm sure a lot of cool stuff will happen from now on. Life's changing in a good way for me.

Versión en español
Page 2
So this new chapter begins. A few weeks have passed since the cafeteria incident, and Johnny seem to be hitting it off. Then Jackie comes and annoys him, like always.

Tomorrow a new page!