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Thanks Luxiaj, and to everyone else, It seems as tho i wont be putting together another comic for a while because my computer crashed.....(im using the school computer), So sorry, i should have it fixed and have a comic up by the 23rd
i was actually going to do everything that you said Tasher, after the battle was over i was going to explain why it all happened and then get everyones backstory and such. (and i have the script all writen out at the moment and it gets alot better, i just stopped making big comics because it would take me hours to make [all the stupid copy and pasting :P])

oh and im not using MS Paint anymore, im using Paint.NET and Photoshop
They Finally Meet
Our heroes meet in the heat of battle...It took an extremely long time to do this one, since i had to do so many things. (note, he cast Meteor in the upper panel if you didnt see that)
New Characters!
TWO NEW CHARACTERS! Leximia and Luxiaj, Credit for them goes to ~BritishMindslave at Deviant Art. I got tired after this, there was a shit load of work put in this one (even though there isnt alot of talking)
His Face
There it is, you finally get to see the face of the main character...

(sorry about the crappy motion blur, im still trying to get the hang of this and i wanted it to seem like he is jumping :P)
A Little Better
So, in my opinion this comic has better quality than the last, don't you think? Well anyway, this looks like the start of an intense battle, or does it?
Stupid Paint
Hey everyone! This is the first comic in my series, The New Bearers! *applause*

Well as you can see, this first page is really crapily done. I used MS Paint for this so it really shot some of the quality out, but dont worry, the next ones will be better! promise
not this one either!
this one doesnt show up either!
hey, this comic doesnt appear for me? wtf?
"rough start"
ok, for all you pervs out there, im pretty sure that the "rough start" she is talking about is her training with mickey, am I right Sarusta?
Sorry, have to correct you all
Hey, ive been seeing that you guys have been saying that Riku is dark/twilight, while in my opinion he is twilight too, at the end of Kingdom Hearts II when ansem's machine blew up, it took all of the darkness out of Riku's heart, (which is one of the reasons why he cant use dark corridors anymore)
nice work oblivion
great comic oblivion, you have really inspired me to start making my own web comic, Im going to make the first few pages before I post them on here but they will be coming shortly, you should check them out when Im done, criticize me if you would like too