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I created this weird strip and it's been going strong for about 5 years now. Thanks for reading it! Go to for news and prizes!
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@Captain Ghost: They'll do anything to get at The Phil!
@Squirreltastic-Blue: But it's such an ugly shirt! Haha!
The injury gnomes are up to no good and neither is Ryan Reaves!
@Burghthing: Thank you! I'm fond of this one.
@Admin: Wow! I forgot I did comics this long ago, haha! Thanks!
Sullivan lays into the Penguins after a disastrous Western Canadian road trip, but like everyone else he gets distracted by some beauty flow.
Busy week so it was tough getting this one out! You can see a replay of the livestream where I ink this strip here:
@kane88: I'll draw them for extra artwork and stuff, but I'm refraining from including them in the main comic. Don't want to cross any lines, man!
@Squirreltastic-Blue: But it feels good, right? The feeling of being alive? Nah, it sucks, haha.
Felt sad making this one.
@Captain Ghost: Here is an incredible analysis of the incident, hahaha.
@kane88: He's a great dad, isn't he?
Flower is back! Oh, he's gone again.
@Netminder: Flower is probably in a quiet, dark room right now, haha.
@kane88: Nobody really responded to it when we did it so it was kinda just dropped. Might pick it up again because there's a fun story to be told.
@kane88: Like a comic strip or a comic series? I just don't think he has any personality other than his hair!
The Phil is taking advantage of other revenue streams.

This comic features The Phil fan Kristin (@spaghettinator on Twitter) who is also a supporter of the comic on Patreon!
@jacanuck: If you pull the strings, I'll draw the crap out of them!
@kane88: Looked like they are ready for the playoffs.
@jacanuck: Why not Bozie? We need to try something else!