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I created this weird strip and it's been going strong for about 5 years now. Thanks for reading it! Go to for news and prizes!
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Maybe Sid is a robot.. or maybe his stick is possessed? We might never know for certain.
@SincPlays: I never would have made it up, hahahaha.
Does Geno starts every series by intensely staring down images of the opposing team? FALSE.. he only does this against the Flyers.
@SincPlays: It was an honest mistake... nobody expected to ever need the +10!
A behind-the-scenes look at what makes the Penguins the greatest hockey team in the NHL.
End of the season is fast approaching! Phil and Schultzy get real.
@SincPlays: The world needs Phil now, more than ever.
@kane88: Never again.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Yeah, why isn't that link working? Try this one: 0072
I was sick when this picture of Phil first popped up online and always meant to draw it! Better late than never!
@kane88: Busy day, but man I was hoping to see Karlsson traded!
A look at the actual process behind many of the headline-breaking trades in the league.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: The tooth bites hard!
@kane88: It would be so tough, hey? He'd have to just score on the rush.
Thanks to @theterriblefan on Twitter for the great comic idea!
@Captain Ghost: I would love to try it too, but I think how they keep contact with the ice at all times would kinda screw me up.
The game is changing... change with it.
@SincPlays: He went out doing what he loved.