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Epic surprise!
Crowning moment of "Runt? Did you just...?"
Totally agree. The slower and the more jokes there are, the longer it lasts.
Copyright issues...
Since it's a parody, technically it's protected under "fair use" clauses in copyright laws... but to make money off of it is dicey.

You might need to contact someone in LucasArts to make sure they know about the book, and they might require royalties.

They might be totally cool with it, though- I've seen tons of parody work of Star Wars stuff on bookshelves.
Cold hands?
Take a bottle (soda, juice, Arizona tea, whatever as long as it's sturdy and plastic) and fill it with hot water.

Great for under the covers, too!
Runt has rare but inspired intelligence!
October 5th, 2009
I like it colored. Good job with it, and I like seeing changing styles.

Are you considering coloring past pages?
I love the Vel/Fett family mangle!
Oh, no... parent's night...
Li'l Ailyn will NOT be pleased.
I LOVE finding that you've updated. You have a fresh, intriguing take on Oz.

Thank you!
But what about the Babe?
(What Babe?)
The Babe with the power.
(What power?)
The power of BASEBALL!
What about the Babe?

(This comment is a shameless parody of a Labyrinth song, itself a parody of Vaudeville.)
I love this so far!
Your art is fresh and original, while having a nice antique flair.
I love how different your characters are: Adam has a very Mediterranean look, while Eve looks like a blonde woman of a cross between Middle Eastern and African appearance.

And Lilith has an almost lazy, languid look about her. I love the ever-so-slight touch of Asian accent in her face. She looks like a girl from a James Bond flick- which is GREAT for Lilith.
Fascinating storyline!
I can't wait to find out how the Lilith situation pans out. I can only imagine what will happen when Mother gets involved with the triangle.
Only one T.

By the way, still loving this comic. You're doing a great job with the various speech bubbles for the characters. Makes it MUCH easier to tell who's speaking- probably put in place because all of your protagonists are indistinguishable by sight.

I'd have to say that this is one of the best comics I've seen to use the "same people" without having them be a total jumble.

And the screencaps you use are very well picked.
Guess that's why she went to Geonosis... too much bodyguard looking for it.
This is hilarious!
I'm favoriting this immediately! You're doing a great job.
Nice argument here!
I have been highly enjoying this. And ecarden, I like your rebuttal. This IS an interesting point of view that you've taken upon yourself to tell, and I like the dialogue between the clones. Very smooth, and I believe that you've done a good job so far at displaying the reasons that the Jedi were disliked.

Also... it's always bothered me that Geonosis became a massive land battle. Why the hell would you land troops when you've got aerial capability? It's like if London had gotten a bunch of kids with slingshots shooting at the planes during the blitzkrieg.
I was a little thrown off by the art of Jayke and Maria's eyes, but it's grown on me, and the rest of the art is stunning! Favoriting immediately!
Enjoy the little taste of the holidays!
Have a great new year! We hope to be back with more relevant stuff soon!
A preview...
We've been working on a new program, and we hope to bring a new style to Runno soon. Here's a shot made with the help of our new program.
Holy cow!
This is excellent work! Favoriting at once!