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I have many comic ideas in my head, but a lot of them aren't very developed... also not very good at drawing comics... we'll see how many actually get done..
Can't wait for more! (Take your time with it though!)
Love it so far! Can't wait to see where the story goes
Oh, do I? I wonder why I thought it was latias in the first place then
Yeah, the artist of this comic (just poking fun at her :P)
Wow I've made that comment so long ago I don't remember if I really thought it was Latias or what but you're totally right
(I like how a certain comic creator didn't bother correcting me :P)
Mmm yes keep them updates coming
I've never commented, but I love this comic and I'm always really happy to see it updated also I just have to say that I love the text in that first panel kay bye keep being awesome

(Also, nice nicknaming, dude)
lol poor combusken
Oooooh Zeltra, I've just been calling him Girafarig xD;

You should make a characters page :3
Day-um girl you're updating a lot these days, bet you're happy xD

Btw I totally love that tail lol
That hospital scene must of taken forever to draw hahaha

Those poor Pokemon :(
wait... what's with the whole getting licked by something thing...?
cockapee or somethin the peacock one xP
Is a certain lovable trio these "most trusted nights" perchance?
Btw he's very good looking
...he raised his attack to distract him? xD

but I have to admit your version of the move is much cooler xD
looks like SOMEBODY is going to evooOoolve!