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I have many comic ideas in my head, but a lot of them aren't very developed... also not very good at drawing comics... we'll see how many actually get done..

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Caes os si Vylos
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King of Hell

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Comment on Page 157 of Seed
SkarletFantasy, 06 Apr 2014 08:01 pm
I've never commented, but I love this comic and I'm always really happy to see it updated also I just have to say that I love the text in that first panel kay bye keep being awesome
Comment on Chp6 pg:2 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 05 Feb 2014 07:43 pm

(Also, nice nicknaming, dude)
Comment on Page 01 of Hare on the Mountain
SkarletFantasy, 04 Oct 2013 07:03 pm
This is gorgeous!
I'd love to see more, hope it can come back soon! (and the reason it's been on hiatus since Jan is nothing serious!)
Comment on Chp5.5 pg:2 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 16 Aug 2013 06:18 am
Comment on Chp5 pg:25 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 15 Aug 2013 06:02 am
lol poor combusken
Comment on Chp5 pg:17 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 08 Feb 2013 08:28 am
Oooooh Zeltra, I've just been calling him Girafarig xD;

You should make a characters page :3
Comment on Chp5 pg:14 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 29 Jan 2013 05:02 pm
Day-um girl you're updating a lot these days, bet you're happy xD

Btw I totally love that tail lol
Comment on Chp5 pg:11 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 20 Jan 2013 07:18 am
That hospital scene must of taken forever to draw hahaha

Those poor Pokemon :(
Comment on Chp5 pg:3 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 04 Mar 2012 02:25 pm
wait... what's with the whole getting licked by something thing...?
Comment on Question # 1 of Pokemon: Parallel
SkarletFantasy, 25 Feb 2012 08:42 pm
cockapee or somethin the peacock one xP

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