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...............I like drawing. D<

my friend ruined my name >:(
it's suppose to be POKADORK!!!!!
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yes nikki i know lol
this is a little thing i want to inform you guys about. I'm getting really irritated with all these vampire things coming out into the world. Like Twilight. I guess you could say that my story is kind of similar to twilight but not quite(putting aside that mine is a BL). And i don't want any1 to think i was inspired by that crap(i really don't like twilight that much) because this story is like 4 years old but now Im finally doing something with it. Plus it took me like 2 of those years to find this site lol.I had a very long discussion with my friends about what I should do about this whole situation and my friend nikki suggested something that sounds pretty good to me. She suggested that i just make the "evil" ppl Incubus' and succubus.' So guess what! that's what Im gonna do. good bye to the vampire story! and if no1 knows what an Incubus is, it's a demon that seduces women(but in this case both men and women), sleeps with them, and feeds off their life source.

Please be honest and tell me what you think. Thank you :)
and so's been a while hasn't it??

I'm really sorry that i haven't posted anything in quite a while.But i am happy to say that i will be posting a new page pretty soon. I kind of gave up on myself and my abilities that's why i haven't been doing much shit. My dad made me feel better though. He told me "Don't give up on the one thing you truly believe you are good at." I respect his words because i know what he has gone through in his life. He wanted to be a painter but when he was 21 he got my mom pregnant and had to give up on his dreams and get a real job.So when he talks to me about my art I know i can't give up and i know he doesn't want me to give up either.I thank my dad and I thank you guys too. the ones that actually still have my comic in their thank you very much. You gave me my confidence back.

oh but yeah..I did get that monroe for my b-day and i still have it!(i only say that cause my older brother got snake bites..twice! and took them out and also got his ears pierced AND took them out a month later) but now i'm waiting for my parents to take me and get the other side pierced.

Again thank you guys, and I love you ;A;
haha my reaction was the same as the ostrich on family guy when he sees something funny :D
finally got to work on this comic!

slight delay in my other comic SIN cause i was spending my whole time on this.
i did make 2 pages so I'll update again on monday :3
February 19th, 2010
and this is when my art improves :3
lol @ J.J.
well yes today is my 17th b-day.

so i thought i'd just draw alittle somethin.
but it sucks cause none of my friends said happy b-day to me...only ppl thatarent' my friends that was a bit of a downer.
but i am excited for the weekend cause my parents r taking me out to get a monroe piercing eeeeeeeeh :D

and in case no1 is sure of the characters just yet...the order is (right to left) J.J, Todd, Steven, ME :) and then Darrin

but anyways I will be updating later this week. SO BE EXCITED >:C lol

i love u guys
January 16th, 2010
I fell ill on wednesday....I even had to leave school.
but i was so prepared to update on wednesday!!
I really sorry guys.

but here the page i promised.
I just love the way Steven looks and how darrin looks in the last panel.
I feel so proud :3

note that the panel right underneath the one that Steven is saying, is todd talking. the reason the words r getting to small is so that it looks like him speaking is kind of fading and then u just hear darrin say steven's name in his head..if u get it? lol

ahh steven u may be saying that darrin is uncomfortable but i believe U r the one who is not comfortable hehe
January 10th, 2010
you guys should really start yelling at me XP

but i promise that i will update again during this week....I'll make
there! update on wednesday C:

also me and my friend would really appreciate it if u add her webcomic. she's the writer and I'm the illustrator.

it would be greatly appreciated! ^_^
THANK U SO MUCH TO THOSE THAT DID ADD IT....I love u katiejuby, PikaxBot, xoxo-Paradox, animeangelindark, ect. u guys r great! *mwah*
sorry for delay
busybusybusy since it was the last few days of school before break

well hello there
yes it is quite plain but i think it's turned out rather nicely :3
December 7th, 2009
GOD this page is so fuckin plain yet it took be forever to do
i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do for the backgrounds so that was WAAAAY confusing.

well well seems that some1 hasn't been reading my little notes hehe

@katiejuby: do i get away with it??
OH! i usually sit in little corner areas if i don't care about the class that I'm in and just draw. i also hide it with parts of my notebooks or with my arm or hair(i gots ALOT of hair on my head) and if ppl do see it i just tell them darrin's a girl lol

ERIIIIN! where have u been?? I've tried contacting u but could never get a hold of u. i hear ur moving though..where??? u need to frickin call me! >:C
heres alittle treat for u guys

I drew this while i was in class
it's Murdoc and Darrin
I know i haven't shown him in my book yet but i just LOVE this picture
and since i haven't posted anything in like a week i thought it might be nice to show u this
enjoy! C:
November 8th, 2009
where are the angry messages?? lol j/k

so sorry that i took alittle while longer
my project took longer then expected

who can guess the relationship between Todd and Steven??
that's right they're dating!
todd get jealous really easily hehe
October 11th, 2009
darrin u so clumsy
hahaha u guys thought it was gonna be the vampire XP

but those r his best friends J.J and Steven
he does have another friend that I'm gonna show on the next page and his name is Todd

@SuziApplesauce: if ur talking about the vampire, his name is Murdoc lol
October 4th, 2009

lol um so sorry for the delay.
I've been pretty busy with school work and I'm actually working at Hauntfest(if any of u know what that is) and i work from 4pm-1am or 2am
so it's pretty busy
but lots of fun :D

also does any1 know how to make a big banner show up on every comic page cause I'm still trying to figure it out
so if any1 can help me I'd really appreciate it :3
September 28th, 2009
ok i did update this page on saturday but then i had to do some other things to it so i had to delete it

but anyways here u goo!

I'll have a new page up either wednesday or thursday :3
September 24th, 2009

and just for this little surprise i'll have a new page up on saturday!

September 6th, 2009
what a twist