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Oh hello! Elliott here, AKA Elliottadventure, AKA the guy with the lisp who makes pokemon webcomics. My comics are primarily for youtube, but I am in the process of uploading them here too to expand my fanbase and cater to the existing one.

I have a passion for Pokemon, comedy and writing. In a sense I'm a little like my main character, Elliott- I can be very cynical and opinionated depending on the situation. I'm a student (at the age of 15, you'd hope I would be) and in my free time I make EA X, play videogames and watch the Simpsons. Lots and lots of Simpsons.
Episode 1: Part 12
As Elliott leaves his hometown of New Bark to start his adventure, he makes a second enemy, which happens to be a woodland animal.
Episode 1: Part 11
The second to last part of episode 1. Elliott's family and friends say their farewells.
Wow, that was weird. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.
Episode 1: Part 10
Elliott's unorthodox removal of the intruders lead his family to believe he has a true 'battling' talent.
Episode 1: Part 9
Having lost the battle, Elliott reacts in the only way he finds possible: by pushing the intruder out of the window.
Episode 1: Part 8
Elliott loses his first battle. Will the grunts get away with his computer?
Episode 1: Part 7
The first battle begins! Elm teaches Elliott the basics.
No, he means there won't be any.
Episode 1: Part 6
A short one today. Elliott discovers some thieving 'goths' attempting to steal his computer.
A whole universe of games, eh? I expect some battle scenes ;)
Nice! I bet that cat's up to something...
The last frame should read: "Oh dear. I appear to have left the front door open. I hope this doesn't cause a calamity"
Episode 1: Part 5
Part 5 has arrived. Elliott mocks an unfortunately named assistant and names his starter.
Episode 1: Part 4
Part 4, coming right up. In this page, Elliott gets his mascunility insulted by a trusted pokemon official and so he retaliates.
Three, actually! But you're right, there is a lot more to him than what meets the eye.
I love the basic look of it all. I prefer the first frame speech bubble style.
Looks promising! Good ol fourth wall-breaking :D
Now that's an awesome face :D

Great prologue!