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I write Baylis, Il...that is ALL I do.
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    Nathan Kerce
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It's been a long time. But me and Luke are back in action. We are both really excited about this chapter and I think its going to turn out to be our best one yet.
But its not Mothers Day :(
Yes, Yes very good then. I shall place you my favorites and be favoritive towards you. YES I SHALL.
Uncle...his eyes are so convincing. Hell its almost like he is seducing me.
Why is this comic late?
Why would you ask such a thing? Alas the answer is...Exams. Yes, exams the classic "Webcomic Update Killer".
February 26th, 2007
Ecce! Audrey!
Hey a new character. Wearing a shirt with a 90s band on it. Ah look at her. Her eyes following you no matter where you move. With a keen eye for predicting situations I suspect she anticipates an automobile wreck that was unintentionally taken part in by her friends. A situation she would describe as Melancholy..


Sorry for the comic being a few hours late.
February 19th, 2007
This is our first comic in a long time directly related to the story. For this to completely make sense go to and see how the mustard is aquired. From then on up to the finale you can see how the mustard gets on the mentioned Dashboard and why everyone is walking . Thank you.

Trust me, the comics overall storyline will be coming to a more constructive era soon. We are actually trying to finish off comics that have been written since early last year. So be patient.
So true.

When people tell that joke it inflicts massive damage upon me.
November 20th, 2006
Hey a multiplex reference.

yep...there it is.
Pretty sure he meant first in sales dude not in quality. With that said I think in order of sales
it will go

plus Rivik no need to be ajerk to everybody considering you contradict yourself by complaining about the PS2's poor graphical quality and then dont even apply that concept to the Wii even though its graphics are barely above Xbox levels. So just because you are a fanboy dont claim people know nothing about the launch.

Personally I plan on getting Wii and PS3 eventually (already have my Wii)
I swear on my fucking life I was listening to "My Heart will Go on" when I read this.

Why it was on my Ipod and why I was listening to it shall remain unsaid. But still...damn.
November 6th, 2006
Guess Who's back
We're back with a vengeance.

for now...

Some big changes will be coming to Baylis, IL soon. So keep an eye out.
November 3rd, 2006
Did he make an OWNED cake instead?
I like this older style better than the newer one.
But that might just be me.
The guest comics begin.
I know what you mean. One time I rented a video from Hollywood video and my friend accidently took it to Blockbuster to return it. Lets just say it ended with me and a squadron of Animal Mercenaries taking out a large Bacchalanian Ogre named Groshnok.
Transformers > Go-bots
The chapter rolls on. Me and Luke got caught in limbo yesterday where neither of us could get ahold of eachother at the right time which explains the lateness of the comic (sort of).

I really think we are coming into a form that everyone can enjoy and laugh at more often than usual. So please folks keep laughing.
But if Wii's replace the gym how will gamers ever want to use it!?
September 11th, 2006
Tragedy does not stop the funny.

March of the Peccant part 2 back tommorow.
Ba dum chhh.

I swear if you fixed this one up to look like a Far Side comic no one could tell.