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I like comics and animu and overanalyzing the aforementioned to death. I like talking about these things so if you ever want to drop me a line I'll do my best to reply!
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Khalil likes to yell
thank you as always to you lovely patient readers, you really are the best TTvTT I really would prefer to update more frequently given the pace of the story, but I'm still sorting shit out so that's not possible yet. thank you for sticking around!


Previous page replies:
@heliumsquid: naw man, look, Khalil's taking care of everything, surely nothing could possibly go wrong right??

@Palliris Kiessa: (aww thanks, I still feel like a week is an awful long time but that's pretty reassuring to hear <3) hey, Saiph said Daniel completely reformed! he just messed up a little when he was a kid...right??

@RweyLing: hell yeah, I'm glad you think so :)

@crossstitch: Alex might not be able to run away but everyone's here to protect him, right?? well we'll see ^_~ and whatever his Dad was thinking he surely had the best of intentions.....right???

@:D : oh dear I hope things don't get too confusing D= if shit isn't making sense please tell me cuz that's something I need to know! action & cuddles does sound like a good recipe for the rest of the chapter~

@Slayernice: the Nexus staff is always prepared! remember those "precautions"? :D

@★: (I like your name, haha) yeah this time Saiph's here to protect Alex instead of beat him up, so things should turn out better, right??? oh man and I like that you got all that from Saiph's face the third panel since it's exactly what I wanted to convey, so I'm happy I succeeded I guess! Saiph gets pretty obnoxious when it comes to Daniel so yeah, he's definitely argued with many people many times over the topic, especially since Daniel's death. Poor kid :/
it's a beacon?? but what does that mean
best way to get Saiph to argue with you: insult Daniel's honor. guaranteed results!

thanks everyone for being patient and sticking with me :)


Previous page replies:

@heliumsquid: pretty much! Saiph don't care, he doesn't need friends anyway :P

@★: thank you for the well-wishes, it means a lot to me TTvTT I am doing better now so no worries! haha, I'm glad you like the bartenders, altho they haven't yet demonstrated if they're any good at their jobs so you might want to hold onto that tip ^_~ (and yeah, you do tip bartenders in the US)

@annanndstann: Solis is a lady, but thank you, I like them too :)

@RweyLing: lol it's 100% my fault for not making it clearer but Solis is a lady! it's ok, I totally can see why people would think she's a guy so I don't want anyone to worry about it. I am happy you like the bartenders' designs, and thank youu for your kind words uwahh

@:D : ahh thank you so much! you're so so sweet and I really appreciate your understanding!! you always say the nicest things TTvTT Saiph is fine with Khalil handling the sword cuz he knows there's no risk of it getting stolen :)

@crossstitch: well yeah, Saiph is pretty fun to tease! although that's probably the reason Saiph doesn't like Nexus or Rigel's coworkers... as for backgrounds, I did the SketchUp model thing for the bar interior which made it a lot might be cheap but otherwise shit would take way too long SO I'M JUSTIFIED.

@Guest: thank you! like I said I used some extra help for the backgrounds on these pages so it's not as impressive as it looks :P and I'm glad you like the bartenders!
UGH GUYS I'M SORRY...I really, really don't want to turn this into a comic that misses every update and spends every author comment apologizing for it so uh...I guess I'll apologize in advance for pages that may be late in the future so I won't need to keep doing it? This past week I had some minor health issues, which I'm still dealing with, but things are on the upswing now so I should be doing better soon. fingers crossed.

I am going to get out one page a week, even if it's not on time, so please bear with me OTL OTL OTL


Previous page replies:
@Slayernice: Solis definitely has best taste in jewelry :) (even if it makes shit more annoying to draw...)

@Palliris Kiessa: oh myyy thank you!! I feel motivated to try harder reading your comment haha... glad you like the character designs, it's something I have lots of fun with <3

@heliumsquid: you aren't far off with the Rambo comparison...if Rambo was older and retired, maybe? haha well 'some type of badass' is definitely accurate :>

@crossstitch: thank you, I certainly hope things get better too >x< I hope you like the new guys!

@Faolan_Rei: lol do they ever! (granted it's not that hard to get on Saiph's nerves :P)

@:D : haha they're just coworkers! altho I'd never stop anyone from shipping what you want :> thank YOU for your lovely comment <3 <3
mad apologies for the lateness
Sorry this page is late...and in even sorrier news I'm going to be changing the update schedule to once a week (on Wednesdays). when I finally get my shit together I'll go back to twice a week updates but I can't give an estimate of how long that'll take.

I really appreciate your guys' patience, I'm gonna strive to do my best for you :)


Previous page replies:
@orion: haha, I'm not much of a clubbing person myself but I tried to make Nexus the kind of place I'd hang out if I were a cool kid... so I'm glad you like it! ^-^ & of course I'm glad you like Rigel's hair! as for Saiph I think his hair would turn into a fro if he grew it out...whether that would be a good look on him is for you to decide :P

@heliumsquid: they spent all the money on the bar decor so they don't have anything left for fancy weapons maybe?? haha, in seriousness Rigel is most comfortable fighting with knives but his colleagues may have different 'precautions' up their sleeves~

@fen: thank you! it might be way too fancy of a place for dorks like Saiph & Alex tho...

@Slayernice: Rigel likes to be extra careful maybe? xP

@crossstitch: indeed Alex has not gotten used to Saiph & Rigel & co's definition of 'normal'...I'm glad you can tell that from his face :D

@Demi: happy to provide a pleasant surprise :) but sorry for the sad surprise in this update :(

@:D : yay, I'm glad you like the bar! haha the wall is just lights (I know it's hard to tell <.<;;)...but an aquarium in a club sounds like an awesome idea and I might keep that in mind for the future! lol & maybe Saiph's grouchy about crowds because he prefers one-on-one time...heh heh heh.
r u srs
I'm so easily distracted lately, it's very hard to concentrate... I hope I get back into the swing of things soon. in the meantime thanks everyone for reading, you are all awesome :)


Previous page replies:
@heliumsquid: haha, you know the cops in a place like this are all corrupt as hell, so...

@Ninnin: I haven't heard of that guy before but from a quick image search I can see the resemblance :)

@:D : unfortunately Saiph & Alex's alone time is not meant to be....yet, heh heh. Rigel stores weapons in the kitchen for ease of access!

@fen: thank you! and yesss I was very much looking forward to drawing Rigel in his uniform so I'm glad you enjoy =D

@Slayernice: you & Alex had pretty much identical thoughts! but don't worry, it's just a precaution, right? ;)

@RweyLing: I'm glad you like Rigel's hair since I like drawing it. it's so much more fun than Alex or Saiph least in black & white it's a lot easier lololol

@crossstitch: heh that pretty much is Rigel's attitude this page! we'll soon find out more about what kind of place Nexus is, besides 'crowded' and 'has terrible music' :P
@MinatanKokoro: yaaaay I'm super glad Andrew lives up to your expectations :)
oh saiph
Saiph's grumpy face and Rigel's bartender uniform...this page had a lot of fun stuff to draw.

I'm trying to speed up my process so pages might look a little different (from the previous chapter and from each other, cough). but it shouldn't be too jarring.

as always, I'm very grateful to everyone who's reading this! you keep me going!


Previous page replies:
@Palliris Kiessa: the link to the full view is in the author comment! I realized that the link font kind of blends in so I made it a bit more noticeable...I do think I should get on changing the color of the links soon tho OTL. auuuu and ty very much for your kind (loss of) words, you are making me blush >///<

@Slayernice: you may be right! it's highly likely there will be a mess or two this chapter, haha.

@crossstitch: oh MAAANN you're so spot on you have no idea. there is an AWFUL lot of Fall Out Boy in my secret shame playlist for this comic. i'm so ashamed....but not really. I will always be emo trash :P

@RweyLing: aaa i'm happy you think my art is cool!! you're even cooler :) thank you so much!

@MinatanKokoro: thanks haha >v< eyegasms are always a good thing!

@fen: thank you! I always wonder if the time I spend drawing cities is a waste so I'm always happy to hear that someone likes them.

@heliumsquid: heh I probably would too...full color comics are a lot of work so mad props go to the talented people who do pull that shit off :)

:D : yay I'm happy you like the page & the colors~ I always love hearing your thoughts about pages 'cause you bring up stuff I hadn't really thought of so you inspire me too ;) and yessss Saiph is a caring person at heart, even if he's usually a grumpy grump.

@Kinma: thank you so much! I hope I don't disappoint!
you probably ought to full view this
full view is right here!

thanks everyone for the welcome back! it's heartening to know that I have not been completely forgotten in the wasteland of the internet, haha. I'll do my best not to let you guys down!

we will see what each of these charas are up to in the coming pages (which thankfully for me will be black&white for the rest of the chapter). don't go anywhere!


Previous page replies:
@heliumsquid: lol isn't that the plot of Junji Ito's Uzumaki? (I haven't read it so I can't say for sure :P)

@upshegoes: thank you! >w<

@Slayernice: yay thanks! it's very gratifying to hear that so many people like the colors :)

@crossstitch: haha I am both honored and a bit concerned that my comic inspires a Kool-Aid Man reaction. I hope I'll be able to live up to your expectations!

@リリリン: aww thank you, you're way too kind! I'm indeed doing better and I am super touched that you asked ^w^

@:D : it's good to be back & see you again! lol I'm sorry you had to miss Alex & Saiph for a month but thank you for being patient :) I'll work hard to make this chapter worth the wait!

@MagicSammyBoi: I'm real glad the extra work of coloring looks like it was worth it! thank you for your kind words!
hey again!
remember me? now that february has come & went, Ouroboros will resume updating, so you have one more thing to look forward to >:)

...on a slightly more negative note, during this chapter I might change the update schedule from 2x/week to once a week. Right now updates are still Wednesday & Saturday, but I foresee being a bit busier in the near future so I thought I'd give a heads-up now.

thanks to all of you awesome readers out there! I'd be super delighted if you decide to continue following, or begin reading, this comic! I hope you'll find chapter 2 enjoyable~
@Selidor: thank you! I really appreciate hearing that you're interested in the story :) will do my best for chapter 2!
@heliumsquid: most of the charas on this page will be important in chapter 2 so introductions will come (relatively) soon. the cast is rather big so not everyone's gonna get a detailed backstory but I'll try my best to make everyone distinct and memorable!
@Demi: aaa how do I deal with such awesome praise !! thank you so much, I am extra happy to hear that you like the character designs since that's something I have a lot of fun with. I don't have much fun with backgrounds but it's gratifying that you appreciate them, makes it worth the work :>

thank you again! I hope I'll be able to make chapter 2 even better ^v^ and re:Andrew's shirt, you're right, the cockblocking magic was too strong and the moment was forever ruined :c
@:D: wow I love your description of Rigel's hair haha (I think I've said this before but I really like drawing it) & I knew you'd appreciate Saiph & Alex's interaction on this page!

thanks for the well-wishes <3 I sometimes need to be reminded that it's important to relax, so your words were very reassuring to read :)
@crossstitch: I am weirdly pleased to know you think Rigel's pretty... besides that, thanks for the congrats, I'll work hard to make chapter 2 up to standard! it's definitely going to be a chapter with a few official appearances so I'm hoping it turns out well c:
@RweyLing: uwu thank you so much! and no, you're cool :>
and that's chapter 1!
I'm happy to have made it this far! I've never drawn this much comic before so it's been a big learning experience and full of surprises. and of course I am blown away by all your guys' support and I'm grateful for each and every person who decides to read!

okay, I will stop before this sounds too much like a "goodbye forever" note. As I've mentioned before Ouroboros is going on a 4-week hiatus. Chapter 2 will start March 4th, I'd be delighted if you stuck around 'til then :)

in the meantime I'll try to keep my tumblr updated with bits of extra art and the like. if you ever feel the urge to say something to me you can message me on tumblr, or comment here, or email lollerblob [at] gmail. I'll do my best to respond promptly. otherwise, I'll see you in March!


Previous page replies:

@:D : I'm really grateful you decided to keep commenting! as you know I always love reading your comments ^w^ I'm happy to hear you like Harvey & Andrew! (however I can't promise that next chapter will be full of makeouts, haha. hope you'll still want to read it though :P)

@crossstitch: you're very observant! yes, say hi to the Gent! It makes me glad that you like how the new characters are showing up, there's a lot of them (and there might be more cough) so I'm hoping it won't be too overwhelming.

@heliumsquid: haha yeah, it is left up to your imagination what Andrew's expression is~ probably not too happy though :P

@Emzee: thank you for such a wonderful comment! I am deeply flattered that you're enjoying my comic and that you took the time to comment about it too!
also I love macaroni and cheese :) and yep, it's too bad for Andrew that Harvey is so easily distracted haha.
it's magic
COCKBLOCKING magic. too bad!

the next page will be the last page of this chapter, and after that I'll be taking a hiatus for 4 weeks. I'll have more details next update although there isn't really much more to say besides a big thanks in advance for your patience and understanding! I know 4 weeks is a long time but I'd super hella appreciate it if you decide to stick around and continue reading <3


Previous page replies:

@RweyLing: haha thank you! lol I'm sure I'll get sick of the snow real quick but this was the first big storm of the season so it's still novel and fun..otherwise snow can be pretty overrated :P

@D: : yo it really is no big deal! You weren't rude at all, we all make silly mistakes sometimes and it doesn't bother me if people mix up characters this early in the story, I kinda expect it tbh :) please don't be too hard on yourself, I'm not upset in the slightest and I'll always love reading your comments <3

@Artzyl: hahaha what do you see?? I totally love cute dorks, the two losers on this page probably count as that, don't they?

@Slayernice: hell yeah, I hope you never doubted it would be! have faith in my love for guy/guy action, it will be duly rewarded >:D (although not today, haha)

@crossstitch: IT IS!! and yeah, Alex is gonna be in some deep shit now that gangsters are getting involved!
oh THERE'S that BL
for some reason I feel like I should apologize...but I won't.

I've been stuck indoors and sort of sick the past couple of days. It's cool though, now there's a foot of snow on the ground and when I stop being sick I'm going to <s>draw more</s> go outside and play in it. Hope anyone else out there who's been dealing with the storm is faring okay!


Previous page replies:

@Artzyl: I'm glad you like them! tho I don't know if I'd call them "cute" so much as "childish", but I guess that's the same thing :P

@:D : haha there's "cute" again! correction though, the older brother is Dewey, Andrew is the black-haired one on this page. it's ok, there's a bunch of new characters being introduced at once here so I don't expect anyone to memorize them immediately. :)

@heliumsquid: Chinatown's ordinary citizens might be used to weirder stuff but this is still the kind of thing that captures attention!
what the fucking fuck
truly Perry is an eloquent wordsmith.

look new characters! it's another pair of brothers, but they're a bit different from Rigel & Saiph :P


Previous page replies:

@heliumsquid: yeah, Alex's new tattoo & this thing in the sky are the same design. (and so is the 3rd O in the title and the background of the site)

@:D : I'm happy that you're happy ^_^ I mean it, your comments always cheer me up when I read them! I am happy to have provided a service although I don't recommend that anyone draw this thing from scratch if they don't have to...I mean I don't even draw it from scratch every time. =/

@Palliris Kiessa: thank you!! I am feeling better now so don't worry. I guess this is as shippy as these 2 have ever gotten so your enthusiasm is understandable :)

@crossstitch: haha you were right on the money about the criminals and shady people! hopefully you won't be right about Alex ending up in pieces, but we'll have to wait and see for that~

@RweyLing: yay, epic was what I was going for with that page so that's good to hear!

@Biscuit: exciting is good! I'll try my best to keep the momentum going without overdoing it :)
@crossstitch: Saiph moves fast ^_~
and lol Chinatowns are notorious for sex trafficking but surely there's more to them than that? :P there's nothing inherently lesser or "wrong" about prostitutes but I'll go ahead and say Alex's mom was not one...however it's true Daniel was involved in shady shit. I enjoy the speculation so I won't say much more :)