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A little bonus for you :)
So, the end ! XD
In this moment I make a second doujinshi with Nami and Sanji, but you will see it later x3
See you soon !
*sadic smile*
thanks M-ocha x)
Look at the beautiful perspective... XD
Oh yes, a lot of time T_T
thank you ! ;p
Thank you M-ocha ! =^-^=
^^ I'm really glad that you like this comic !
All your compliments are making me happy ! *hug*
(sorry for this bad english, i'm french XD)
this description is great ! o-o *blushing*
thank you !
Thank you M-ocha ! x3
Yeah, because Sanji is my drug *3* (can't stop drawing him... XD)
thank youuu !
The end is... XD you will see !
thank you a lot ! *hug*
My favorite x3
xD thanks !
xD me too !
thank you :3
Oh yeah :D
thanks for them :3
Yep, it's a mute comic ^^
thank you !