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Let's see... well my name is Naomi.

I'm a student (freshman) at the graphics school in Rotterdam. After my graduation, I'd like to study at the academy of arts. Mostly I'm just a crazy and quit hyperactive person ^////^

Likes <3:
-(good) music like Sonata Arctica, Jaya the Cat, Omnia, Megadeth and such.
-Being with friends
-Ice skating
-Hot chocolate
-Horror movies

</3 Dislikes:
-Rap, Hip Hop, Hardcore, R&B (can't believe they call that music. It makes my F&*%ing ears explode)
-Brussel sprouts
-Bossy people
-Digital drawing/painting

NOTE: All my comics are on hiatus for now. I've got absolutely no idea for how long... sorry ^^;
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I am so going to buy the first volume! Now I can also enjoy Roomie while I'm on the road HOORAY ^0^
*drools* ~<3

By the way... if you need any help with creating custom pages, just google "html guide" :D

And I think you'll do fine. It's very easy to creat a simple custom page ^^

Good luck ^3^
Boes Boes (or, Ox tales), and Dinobies ^^
March 9th, 2009
Absolutely adore the story so far.
The new banner's great ^^

YAY finally an update!!!!! *spueals of joy ^0^*

To bad the lay-out of your site doesn't suite the style of the comic. Anyways... if you want any help with changing it. You can always PM me ~<3
It sure is slippery. I live in Holland close to the seaside. And even in my town it's been freezing like hell. This morning... I was able to walk on the frozen canal in my hometown. A four to five meter deep canal :D Just within a few day it'll be ready for ice skating!!!!

Nice page... by the way ^^
December 14th, 2008
Well well... this could turn into something very interesting *evil grin*
December 2nd, 2008
Nice comic ^^ And wonderful art.

I was just wondering... how did you manage to change the font in your site layout? Could you please PM me, and explain? Thanks :D