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Heh, thanks, I'm not gonna stop anytime soon.
I'm just resting my arms...honest...
*Struggles toward Inkscape but fails to make it there*
Alright, laziness I can understand. My own comic sucks when it comes to art. I copy-paste everything. Alright, the wings are okay then.
Hmm...maybe he's a different model?
What? Gazebo? WHERE?
Also, link to the original Eric vs. the Gazebo:
Funny thing, when I first read this, I had no idea what a gazebo was. I was as confused as Eric.
Hey! I was wondering what this whole thing's about. It seems to take place in the Town, but that's all I can figure out.
Also, great comics.
Hmm...those wings look awfully vestigial.
I hate the leaf in the first panel. I want it to be crushed.
Hey, you said you wanted criticism! ;)
A bit of criticism:
So far, none of the one comics make sense. Neitehr did the chapter starter. i have no idea what's going on. Don't try to make stuff look pretty, make stuff clear.
Anyways, it's the first comic, so don't mind me. Great work!
Perhaps we could help with it, if it's a story problem. We'd all like to see Squark back on its feet!
I was sighing about the lack of comics.
Will watch this.
Nice comic, I'll keep an eye on this. :)
Hey, found this comic...looks awesome so far! Great work!
You're using this as your Health Project? What shameless plugging...;)
Heh, I laughed out loud. XD
The title is fine, and so are Squark's eyes, but Chrysalis's seem a bit off.
Yay! At last, a new comic! :D
Hey, I just read through the small archive of ToS. Not bad. This webcomic shows promise.
I think I do. Sorta.