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Nickname: Nyuka
Real name: St├ęphanie Genoveva Jefima van den Elsen
D.O.B.: april 6th, 1991 (which makes me 18 ^^)
Hobbies: drawing, learning japanese (also my study lol), singing, reading (not just manga, also literature >w<'ll)
Occupation: Student, Japanese culture&language
  • Real Name
    St├ęphanie van den Elsen
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@Half_Neko: thank you so much <3
I started the college life and it's true life has sort of caught up with me! Lately I've been thinking of drawing more though and your comment really motivated me!

thanks so much <3
February 10th, 2010
I love his expression. Must've been difficult to draw..
Parr Kaiiri + Yuuma Hiroshi in full official clothing :'D
I was so happy when I finished Yuuma's clothing I mean.. DUUUDDEEE... I didn't think of clothes for him yet =w= faildom.

He's pouting about not getting any attention .__O IT'S LOVE I TELL YOU, LOVE!!!

Very beautiful.
I love the mountains <33
awww.... epic failure <3 8D love
Alone-time.. omg <____<<<<;;;;
August 12th, 2009
omg that chibi is the ultimate awesomeness!!! <333
Especially love the bottom right panel<333 Nice lines there and good expression!
August 12th, 2009
omg you're back!! I'm so happy x]]]]] Can't wait for the story. Too bad there's no sex involved, but we need these type of stories too <333
August 7th, 2009 whaha xDD Hell yeah it does <333
woo looks awesome haha. He looks so depressed n0oo >____>>>;;;;
whaha he looks awesome <33 Love him <33
scary man xD
Whaha I love the xoxoxoxoxo at the end <333
omg. you're aliivee >___> I'm so glad I kept this in my favourites all this time ^^ xoxo
expression exhibition! Very nice <33 Lovely done. Can't wait for the next page ^^!
But Elthee is so cute haha xDD <33 nice page :D
He looks so cool ^^ I don; t think you have to alter the colours. This works <3.

Love the pose too >w<

ok. New fan <3