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Uh, yeah. Hi.
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September 30th, 2010
Holy crap, I swear that the first time I read this I didn't see the wingless rat. O.o
Dood, I so love this comic!
Yay, secret messages :)
It's Nidoran Male, Nidoran female have those square-ish teeth.
Oh oh! Is Mr. Friday Mr. Porter? Did the cavellos save him after the accident? Hm...? HMMM?
Insane theories swirl!
I'm now supporting Kahn and Atti. :)
*next* *next* Why isn't it working?
Oh well *first comic*
It's almost like it was planned xD Everything falls in so perfectly!
Can't see!
Eternal Gift :D
My best birthday ever since you've posted ^^
Aw... *shoves her back to him* :P
Fifth-Sixth?- squee!!!!
Wow... keep it up! I love this already!
Aw, they're so cute ^^
I don't mind waiting, the art is really nice.
Aw *hugs* happy belated! Hope you get well ^^ (Funny, I was sick yesterday too >> )
oooohh, weird power! :D
Yeah, in Roswell, GA somewhere... forgot where ^.^;
'I've got to get something for him to eat' ^^;
Dino slide was fuuunnn ^.^ Until I outgrew it >>
I like this page ^^
Elephant slide! :) We had a dinosaur slide! You went up the ridges on his back and slid down his... uh... tongue I think it was? And you could crawl under it too.
Twas fun ^.^ kinda like an elephant slide I guess