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Bee's all about that bass. :P
pages 54-59 are out of order. just letting you know
@Izzikat: and it's awesome! :D
@Izzikat: Well an awesome idea for me. But seeing your stuff finally got me the push I needed to really do my own stuff. ;3

Thanks for that. <3
Oh f' it. You gave me an awesome idea, so I pledged you.
I so wish I could, your art is beautiful and your stories are funny and creative, but I'm a poor artist as well. :<

I wish you good luck in all your endeavours and if I ever get some extra money I'll probably get a commission from you. :3
I would have supported you either way. :P
But I am glad that your continuing the story.

And it was obviously the Digimon style. :3
Is Glameow staying a Glameow cuz Purugly is freaking ugly?
Yay! Good luck on your finals.

I like you new font. It looks very nice ^^
You go Giovanni! Just keep yelling at Arceus who already left and not pay attention to your arm laying on the ground, or the loss of blood you are experiencing. XD
What level is Vaporeon at? Im curious
Whooooaaaaa! Elon you need to dress like that more often! But she fits the Pokemon Trainer look so well too.
Charlie is all "Mommy and Daddy! Stop Fighting!"
Poor Elon, but Wally needed to hear that.
@ESkalecki: Sure can! :D Whoooo!
@ESkalecki: Clicking the page just takes you to the next page, and if you right click view image then zoom in, its still really hard to read.

Honestly after the first couple panels I stopped trying to read it, its just to hard.
@Sixal: No Problem. I do it too. :P