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Luke The Fox
Just a guy who likes foxes, video games, drawing, and
sprite web comics.
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Hey you ddnt forget about my human OLD OLD human form...Thanks and I am in the making of a new one...
Look on the page before this one.I put the link to my sprites there...
If that happened to me I think I would look the same...Just saying...
You want my sprites?Here...You can have em... there
All things aside i accepted that application.
all things aside I re-made survivalists...
Oh thanks Kinny for that magic lesson I'm sure that will give me an advantage the next time I fight a mage and right now I have two guesses as to who that might be...
Well maybe I'm not familiar with your work but I know that fire(unless its a backfire) can not hurt fire.
Fire? But... I control fire...
Guy's don't worry I didn't get the computer...Only the lamp and Kinny's spine!
Oh!And I forgot that I hit hyperguy...Poor Guy...
Actually I came back from subspace!
I did that on purpose because it stresses the shock...
And I had no idea what to put in that box...
Oh yeah my sprites...

Look at me I'm wearin' black pants!
Got the cash cab guy back for taking my shirt, and got Kinny back for killing me...
And that's what i mean by two birds.Not the fact that I got hyperguy...
1 they are not elf ear.
2 I will get on the shading and I am currently making the ones with no bow.

3 thanks for the advice.
Another one!
my vote is to new.Its a 60% mod.Unlike the other one, the new one carries a weapon, looks like it belongs at this hotel, and is easily placed in a comic.Of course, this bieng my first mod, I can't truly say that it will be great, just that it fits better than the last one, and is only 7 to 8% recolor.
still don't have enough people but I DO have an even amount of people.So I have a proposition.Now, which is a better idea, 1.custom sleeping bags desinged by the user of that character. 2. the occasional bed with a little special thing from the owner of that character.

1. or 2.? you decide.
ok tht makes sense(I guess)So you want him to take your place or do you want to enter him along with you?