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Last comics for now... need to get myself back into drawing and continue in another updating spree =w=''

Hopefully next pages comes up in a few days ^^
Thank you >w< i like how the colors comes out myself too =w=

hehe, its not uncommon to have that kind of pencil XD Though depends how you use it XD I got addicted to this way >w> need to replenish my stock of those pencils =w=''
sketchy sketchy page =w=''
Thanks to an idea i got die to another BJBB member i started to draw pirate themed very sketchy comics about Cinnamon and his adventures, if he was living in 17-18th century at the Golden age of piracy >w>
Features other characters from BJBB >w<

Style will be sketchy =w='' and for now - updates every 12 hours...
he's skilled OwO
page 5 is ready
i haven't left this and am continuing XD wait soon for new pages ^^

Bunnies seen here are:
Dani (from last page)

Well, till next page now~
page 4
And so we continue this little adventure further ^^

this page presents:
Dani: a nice young lady ^^

Stay tuned~
to day i somehow update quickly... oh, well ^^ deadline for challenge approaches by every passing hour, so no wonder ^^

This page presents:
(i apologize to her's author, if she looks strange and not right ^^' sorry, if i messed up your character ^^')

To the next page!
Here's the page 2!
Every time i'll finsh page - i'll upload, so here's the next page ^^ (page 2, so look before for first one).

Penny: the bunny girl hiding in first panel. (was seen slightly at previous page, panel 4 ^^
For the other bunny you'll have to wait till next page XD

Have fun~
The comics start!
So we start the first short story about Cinnamon Pepermint, 12 or so years old bunny boy from Black Jack's Bunny Brigade ^^ Keep on tunned for further pages and site adjustements!

This comics has a little before story, made by another BJBB member ^^ If interested go and see it here:

Have a nice day and stay tunned for another page really soon!
~WND Renkun
If i didn't know what really happened, i would agree with "Must be from the surprise" XD
Really, you could imagine that, seeing Atty.
Will opponent buy that?
definately not the bes idea, that could come up in your mind.
I feel sorry for the Dragonthing. Such a naive and childlish dream (which i would even like to see come true, 'cause Dragonthing needs something like that), but which will never come true - at least not like that, i think.

Good job ^^
scary girls got beaten by a demon girl, lol :D
She almost drowned in her own tears. Pff... XD
i feel sorry for the kid T.T
Nice page though ^^
Are Arty really going home? Oh well, at least you got this far and Dragonthing KOed bloody rat ^^

P.S. I'm joining in MM too ^^
Aren't their reaction a bit over-exaggerated? XD

Oh, well. If you think logicaly, i haven't even once in my gaming carrier as cleric (healer) recived more than a 'thank you' for healing and buffing, so it would be even bigger miracle, if he optained money that way ^^ But i might be playing wrong games with wrong people ^^
They are cute X3
Atty has lost it XD [and me too, seizure from laughing, my sides hurt ><]
Poor Dragonthing, made to run so much and now to attack by strange oder XD

P.S. The Rat is back XD
I'm in hibernation at winters months i guess ^^' [hehehe] knee deep snow, sliperry road everywhere you go and twice as more strenght needed to just go to mall buy a snack or dinner doesn't leave much energy for other activities ^^
Time to crawl out of cave i guess ^^

CH school sounds interesting btw ^^ I think Riern could make an interesting biology teacher with a bit of fetish for cutting up things and anatomy XD but that's just an option ^^
iscrible - vilkabralis if interested ^^
for now story i suggested involves just 3 characters, and that doesn't means that everyone else have to wait for something ^^ After all, those chars can appear in oder arcs too ^^ It doeasn't mean that now everyone has to wait for me ^^

And i apoligise for long wait ^^' I somehow injured my right arm and drawing is a bit difficult right now, but i hope it will come at ease soon ^^' I have started drawing next page for 'Underhanded tactics' arc, but i can't get working on it much, because i have to keep it easy ^^'