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Dude, two words: YOU......ROCK!!!!
Ugh!!! stupid Marcus! He just HAD to mess up this perfect love moment with his...innocent...adorable...passionate.....ignorance.*drools* ^^
this is sooo adorable! can't wait to c wat happens next! good job! ^^
*cries like a baby* NOOOOOO! ELIIIIISE!
awwww :^( that hurt MY feelings!
*whoa* that was a bit....unexpected....Hey, welcome back! i love the colors...and the guy with the shark teeth. (HOTT!)
dude, i just got depressed all of a sudden. (love andi's nail polish btw)
great chapter cover. can't wait till the next update!
WTF!?!?!? NOOOOOO, Keith!!!!!!!!
that's such a HOT rhyme!
Keith is so dim, but in a cute way!!! :^)
December 28th, 2008
*wiping eyes rapidly* ohhhh how sweet!
same to you! (he is sooo cute!)
awwwww, the dad looks so cute in the last panel!!!!!
this page is soooooo cute!
(yay! i was the first to respond)