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My name's Kate, I live in Australia, and I'm currently 13 years old.
I spend all my free time writing, drawing, reading or on the computer. Or a combination of the above.
I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much imagination, so I am constantly plagued by story ideas. It keeps me up a night. That's probably the cause of my mild insomnia, come to think of it.
I have a weird sense of humour, so don't expect any of my jokes to make sense. They're usually long-running jokes between me and my friends; like the leaf. Don't ask...
I like to think I'm a pretty good writer/artist, but you're welcome to burst my bubble any time you want, just don't shatter it completely.
I have very low self-esteem, I'm very pessimistic when it comes to judging myself.
I have wild mood swings, am hyper most of the time, and am petrified of needles.
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I actually don't much like the new layout *is left out*
It's just that my laptop screen is so small that the bar on the right obscures the page a bit >_> Other than that, it's lovely.
...I have nothing more to say...
Happy birthday!
Man, I love this comic...I'm really wondering where it's heading now >_>
PikaxBot: Well then, you should like this page! I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of creepy faces in this comic, especially when the Cullens appear...
FurryMinkLaLa: As do we all XD
Wind The Hedgie: Here's your MOAR after six months...*wince* Enjoy!
DarkMonkey: *points to comment above because she can't think of anything witty*
In self-defense, I blame this entirely on Zephyr XD I TRIED TO MAKE HER DO THE PAGES, BUT DID SHE LISTEN? Considering that it's been six months, clearly not -_-;
Anyway, hopefully it won't be that long until the next update.
Sorry for the horrendously long wait D:
December 28th, 2009
You know the author hasn't been updating much when you can see significant improvement in the last few pages OAO Then again, you have a million comics going, so I can understand why this will probably almost never be updated. It's like me with my stories; I have a main one and then a million others that I occasionally work on, and then people that like those ones get pissed off at me ^_^;;
zephyr-mai: Why yes, yes I did! And about bloody time if I do say so myself!
I know, I feel sorry for her too ):
I know this page looks crappy, but the actual drawings are probably better than on the previous pages. On the other hand, it's only in pencil, and parts of it are slightly smudged, so I can understand if you don't think it looks that flash. I agree -.-;;
On the other hand, I DREW A CHIBI!!!!! This is the first time I've ever drawn a reasonable one, so I'm feeling quite proud. Actually, more work probably went into the last panel than any of the others.
Also, I'm determined to finish this comic without any redraws, and we're about half way through the first chapter, I think. I'm also determined to get it finished before school starts again, so expect more pages soon! And if none show up, bug me in the comments; that'll get me going.
Here's a sketch I did quite a while ago of how Rosetta looked as a human. I might draw all of the cast eventually, if I can think of the kind of period/background they come from so I can think up the outfits.
My first fanart! It's so much better than the page I'm about to upload, which makes me sad D:
Anyway, my lovely friend FataMorgana (duskfox-42 on DeviantART) drew me this a while ago, and I absolutely love it. The picture is of Rosetta and Elena, and inspired by the comment Fei made a few pages ago about all of them being like butterflies pinned on a board as pretty ornaments.
I am soooo sorry for taking so long with this page, only to upload a crappy, half finished one. My markers decided a vital colour wanted to go missing, and I would have coloured it on the computer, but that would have taken ages, even if my pen pressure hadn't decided to conk out on me.

Anyway, I'm going to work hard and get the next page up soon. It'll probably be purely black and white from now on.
SORRYYYYY!!!! I'm so sorry, but this is going to be abandoned for possibly quite a long time, due to my not really liking it anymore, and I have another comic I'm actually working on, and at LEAST the first chapter shall see the light of day. I promise! I'm not uploading any pages for my new comic until I have the first chapter done, so you'll have something to look forwards to -_-;;

Anyway, once again I am terribly sorry.

Oh, and pay no attention to the notice. I just needed something to put up here, and this happened to be in my pictures.
katiejuby: Well, we certainly hope you do!

Oosydaisy: Doesn't he just? <3
So! This wasn't up the week before last because we went conventioning that weekend, and Lauren didn't have time to finish a page, and it wasn't up last week because she got lazy.
Anyway, nothing much to say for once, other than enjoy the page!
zephyr-mai: Why yes, yes she is ^_^
Nice doors? But they took about five seconds...

kitsunehina: Thanks!
Here, have another page! Finally D:
Ah, that's awesome. Just throw coins at her, of COURSE that'll hurt her...

Also, I just realised that there are two pages labeled 13-3.
Lauren and I tried to design Edward during Materials and Fabrics today.

We didn't stay serious for long XD
zephyr-mai: Here are the pretty backgrounds again! And yes, I like the butterflies too XD
Well, here's another page for you. No update Monday because I'm out for the weekend, but I'll try and get back on scheduale again.