I am a person that avoids autodescription.

Okay, but really. I've been doing sprite comics for a long while, ever since NSider was a thing. Probably leaves me as one of the oldest people here still doing sprite comics, but I've got setups that I have to see through to the end.

I like Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Rhythm Heaven, and incredibly silly/convoluted references to past works.
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@Nashew: Dark World, Mirror World, Lorule, Subrosia... it's all the same. :P
...Oh wow. I thought I was like the only sprite comic author around here who still used Paint. Though obviously you don't use it as much as I do.

My main question is... do you write out any kind of script beforehand? I don't think I saw one being consulted in the video.
Oh hey it's the entrance to the Old Castle. Except for being a Mirror World location.

Makes sense. Normal Old Castle can be skipped entirely, but Mirror Old Castle is a total requirement to infiltrate.


sorta scared of shadik now
...Weird how a few of the earlier remake pages had dialogue changes that removed swears, and yet this pages has an added one.

I mean, I'm not sure if the other swears being removed is just coincidental or a reaction to 13-year-old you probably thinking they were cool and edgy.
@Ultizeta: ...what

well, dang, I'm glad that's solved, but

how did you even notice that
Okay, I've been looking at this and the original version for like fifteen minutes now and I can't tell any difference aside from the panel borders. I've just about given up, what's the small change?
...oh wow I completely forgot Talzo showed up this way.
Zykan you could've killed at least one person in the time it took you to say that

Honestly, MK being calm in dire circumstances is to be expected. Kirby, maybe less so, but he's still not quite panicky.
Don't you mean "Tougher! Dark Miracle Matter Soul's Revenge DX 2.0"? :P

...Though come to think of it, it really was Return to Dreamland where that trend started consistently cropping up, and that hasn't happened at this point in the timeline.
what even *is* Zykan doing

HAND's already all dead, and Meta Knight retreated, so unless he...

...he's going after the rest of the KAS, isn't he
Mirror Waddle Dee sure is audible from inside Kirby's mouth.
And in the end, Kirby wins because he has a fancy sword.

(no but seriously this was actually pretty good)
That Dark Matter / Miracle Matter conversation was everything I had hoped for. 10/10
Mirror Dee might be out of awesome treasure, but that doesn't rule out him still having some subpar treasure!
@WaddleDeeKing: Given previous commentary from Ulti, I'd assume that Miracle Matter currently has access to the abilities of KSSU. So, Clean probably isn't going to feature.

(would be funny if I'm wrong though)
I legitimately wouldn't have noticed "Waddle Bothers" without the hovertext.

Come on, Miracle. Surely you've got forms that don't correspond directly to abilities the KAS already has. Like, try Jet? Or Stone again? Or Beam, since Keito's dead? I'd suggest Yo-yo but that'd probably prompt the GIMs to turn against you.
isn't it obvious, Meta? You get there via Magic Mirror!

...yes I had to look that up I haven't actually played a lot of zelda games