I am a person that avoids autodescription.

Okay, but really. I've been doing sprite comics for a long while, ever since NSider was a thing. Probably leaves me as one of the oldest people here still doing sprite comics, but I've got setups that I have to see through to the end.

I like Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Rhythm Heaven, and incredibly silly/convoluted references to past works.
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Clearly there should be seven comments here.
Man, it's been so long since the last page that a Kirby game has come out in the meantime!

...Well, okay, at the time I'm writing this comment, Blowout Blast's only out in Japan, but that counts!

Hey, remember earlier when Whispy said there were disturbances in Ripple Field? Neither did I! This is me trying to justify that - this Acro figure's acting all fishy. Despite not being a fish.
@MarioMadness734: He's Shadowy! And a Popopo! Clearly the most fitting name!
@TheJGamer: Sounds like you have some Re:Grets.

(better or worse than the Whirr puns in KA? YOU decide!)
"sorry, Pitch is dead"

"quit telling Mom I'm ****ing dead"

"sometimes I can still hear his voice"
That you are, Dark Matter.

...Man, Fusion Knight or whoever his name was, it's sure been a while. I probably would've forgotten he existed were it not for the revamped pages recently.
A prosthetic... eye, perhaps? I feel like a prosthetic limb would be a bit noticeable what with being a Kirby.
@Warpstar: Glad to hear you liked it, at least.
Okay, wow, I delayed this one way waaaay longer than I ever meant to. It's been like three months, and a lot has happened since the last real page! How much, exactly?

- A total of four Kirby games have been announced, and one of them has even come out!
- It's entirely possible that one may have reached the final boss in that one released game without paying any microtransactions!
- Also announced/confirmed were an odd Mario crossover, a remake of the best Mario RPG to exist, and not one, but TWO Metroid games!
- Like three major-ish superhero movies came out, I think?
- The Extreme Team finally received a real ending!
- I had another birthday! Kirby had another birthday!

...In conclusion? I really should start making these non-boss pages shorter. I'd like to finish this arc this year.
To be honest, I'm surprised Hali chose to be alone with Talzo considering that whole thing she mentioned in panel 2.

But hey, it worked out.
It's about time we get another game that has Clean Ability in it! (Though, last time that was teased was the Kirby GCN trailer that got reworked into RtDL, sans Clean...)

And hey, it was for a split second, but one of Clean's moves in the new trailer seems to have Nago pop up for a second! So that's fun to see! And hopefully there'll be more like it. (lightbulb torpedo Kine please)
Those are some nice-looking Puyos, huh. Are those custom sprites?
Ten years later, it's finally officially over.
Ten years.

See, the thing is, ten years is a loooong time. Long enough for someone like me to go from age 14 to age 24, and that's so huge of a gap in maturity it's hard to appreciate. It's been ages since I started this dumb little sprite comic as a filler for other dumber sprite comic stuff. Somehow it went on for 120-ish pages. Weeeeird.

And, like, I do miss these characters. Or, at least, Lucky and Rockurtle. The latter in particular ended up as my favorite early on - the snarky Shuckle, who soon enough I started making behind-the-scenes plans for. Such as her crushing on and eventually becoming girlfriends with Azula (the Marill that's appeared in a couple pages). And heck, I made that decision for her to be a lesbian well before I figured out I was a trans girl (and by extension, also a lesbian).

I am seriously making an official sort of coming-out post on the finale of a subpar sprite comic that, at best, like two people would actually view.

The point is! The point is, I've long since moved on from all this. Sure, Kirby's Dreamland Adventures is still making (slow) progress, but that's because there are some payoffs that I really really want to get to and I have a solid idea of what the story to get to them is. This comic? I don't think I ever knew what Shadow Cly's evil plan was meant to be. Heck, their existence is entirely based on a dumb idea I had from age 13 or so.

...But hey, I didn't want to leave off with a out-of-place-even-for-here OotS-styled-for-whatever-reason page, and also not with an April Fool's page. So here's this. Something that looks nice. Something that calls back to the long stretch of this comic.


...If you *are* reading this, please feel free to ask questions. About this comic, about me, about plot threads that fell through or oddities that cropped up or plans that never happened. All the questions.

That's all.
Ah, jokes about yellow puffballs.
Clearly the Waddle Dees aren't eating the Gem Apples, but saving them up for when some Halcandran sets up shop nearby.
Caiya that's not much of a dance.

But yeah, a Kirby tradition that I doubt most of us even considered, but clearly one we needed.
@Nashew: Dark World, Mirror World, Lorule, Subrosia... it's all the same. :P