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I am a person that avoids autodescription.

Okay, but really. I've been doing sprite comics for a long while, ever since NSider was a thing. Probably leaves me as one of the oldest people here still doing sprite comics, but I've got setups that I have to see through to the end.

I like Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Rhythm Heaven, and incredibly silly/convoluted references to past works.
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Yeah, I know that struggle, though really the difficulty for me was spread through every college year around finals.

Yeah, I'm on the older end of fans, most likely.
To be honest, at some point I actually did think to have two different Dark Matters here, but... plans for later on changed. And so we have a Dark Green frustrated with management.

Of course, the fact that they're the first one to come around - and thus the Cutter-related joke resulting from it - was decided as soon as I set to work designing the current set of Dark Matters. Entirely because of said joke.

...This will probably make more sense later on when I actually get around to showing off their regular forms. Right now we've only see the regular forms for Dark Swordsmith, Dark Engine, and Dark Frigid. Um. Oops?
...This long later, I guess I can finally talk about what I meant by character-Cly and Rockurtle's appearance "holding meaning".

Recently (September 20, 2017), the main comic updated with a page revealing that Chuchu is in a same-gender relationship with Nyupun. At face value, that may seem like the first instance of LGBT representation in the comic, but that's only true if you count it by when it's explicitly stated in KDLA. Rockurtle, meanwhile, was planned to be a lesbian since at least December 2009, but it wasn't explicitly revealed until June 2017 (still prior to the Chuchu/Nyupun page), and her status as a character in KDLA is... dubious. She's more of an Extreme Team character.

Meanwhile, I'm a transgender lesbian. Does this mean my early appearance here counts as the first trans KDLA character (and one of the first gay ones)? Depends if you count author avatars... and it's rather weird since I obviously did not know that about myself at the time. And there's also the matter of the later edit to this page removing my appearance...

Plus, there's at least a couple more LGBT characters who predate Chuchu's appearance, whose status simply hasn't been mentioned yet. Like Rick, or Kiyosi. And no, I don't care about "spoiling" that by now.
What, you're not a Waddle Doo in real life? How disappointing.
@Foreigner55: It took me a minute to realize you probably meant Nyupun. I was about ready to say a whole thing about semantics (that ultimately would've been repeating points from my main author comment, so good I didn't do that).
I originally envisioned a more sprawling layout for this comic - leading into a central hub like the one in-stage, and then panels fanning out in different directions from there. But obviously, that'd be too big for this site.

...Not too big for a different site though.

Naturally, this is probably the biggest non-boss comic I've done.
There's a surprising number of factors to consider when deciding the milestone of "first definitely gay character in comic". Do you count it from when that's mentioned? When the author first decided it? When the character was introduced? And does it count for, say, characters that're technically from another comic? Or author avatars? Especially ones that might not have known that about themselves at the time? And whose appearances would be mostly written out due to page remakes anyway?

Oh yeah, this also marks an adventure that takes place over more than one day for Kirby. It was clearly night in the last page, after all.
Floatzel's one of those Pokemon I initially had trouble understanding the sprite of - I used to think those flippers coming out of its wrists were the actual ends of its limbs. SOmehow.
@Haltworker #6-3-6: I mean... Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright? They came back after being blown up in their first appearance.
This is probably the biggest stretch I've made for a page title in the entire comic. At least it relates to Kirby's punchline?

As for the page itself, I think the best thing here is Pitch's face in the last two panels. Which of course had nothing to do with my script.

(I feel like I should start saving those scripts.)
Oh hey it's these three again! The Blade, Butch, and Masher sprites here were custom-made by myself... and unfortunately, there really isn't much to them other than what you see here, so far. No walking or attacking or anything. I'm not good enough for that.

Edit: Oh yeah, and now there's some official Copy Ability poll going on. I'm voting Laser.
What are you talking about it's Dedede therefore it's already perfect.

(yes I know the hovertext beat me to it)
I used my only commentary on the hovertext, whoops.
sheesh I almost forgot the title card for Sand Canyon

Sand Canyon! It's got some popular music. And a notably expansive final stage. And also this first stage where you have to stomp the same flowers that you helped two worlds ago.
@BestBuilder101: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that first part? Dark Frigid's eye doesn't move significantly at all in the two panels they show up.

...I mean, I guess it might be hard to tell exactly where Dark Frigid's body ends and the clouds begin, but all the Dark Matters will be shown clearly eventually. Or you can look for that old sketch page I put somewhere on the site, DF's in there I think.

Their sprite, however, is entirely custom! Aside from I guess the palette being taken from Dark Blue, whose current sprite was the result of a colorize filter on the standard Dark Matter sprite.
@Nashew: Obviously it stands for WonderSwan! Can't imagine what else.
Dangit Dark Frigid you were a pain to sprite.

Paula's got a whole area set up! Tiles were mostly taken from Scrap Brain Zone of Sonic 1... which I suppose is only appropriate considering Mania just came out. It seems good! I say even though I've literally never played a Sonic game.

More importantly, here's the first "proper" "map" of Dream Land! It doesn't have a lot of detail, but I have vague ideas about where everything is located. For example, Ripple Field is in the northeast, and Ice Cream Island and Orange Ocean are off the eastern coast. Also White Wafers in the south there. Dream Land's in the southern hemisphere, I guess.
Man, that reference to the description, that's nice stuff.

Now, I came into this comic in its latter years - around when Master Green first showed up, I believe? But I still got invested pretty quickly, and I had fun the whole way through. Heck, it's probably in some way influential on my own Kirby work, even if I couldn't pinpoint in what way exactly. (At the very least, that KDLA review you did way back when helped me shift gears a bit.)

So, thanks for making a fun comic with enjoyable characters and good humor, and here's to hoping your future endeavors go well.
I was going to make a joke comment about how come Magolor's spoken language is the same as Kirby's if the written is different

But then I remembered that the Lor's an ancient thing so its display isn't necessarily in Magolor's native language, so that joke wasn't gonna work
Ah dangit I missed the comic's ninth anniversary. I was hoping to get this page done in time for that, buuuut motivation tanked. Again. Leading to the oddness of a script written a few weeks before the comic was finished.

Dark Blue's speech pattern is at least partially influenced by Fawful of Mario&Luigi fame. I wanted something fast-paced for them, but the main obvious way to imply speed with dialogue is to take out spaces and that ruins readability, as I learned with Cadajask's character in The Extreme Team years ago.

I really need to make later pages shorter. It's been like a year since this arc started.