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lol @ your comment to me <3 aww, it's alright! I was wondering if you forgot, cos the others were there... and cos I love this so much, I might draw Herzy (hahaha) next.

Ooh, you like Hetalia too?! I'm on LJ and already signed the petition :D who are you on there? I'm Juddpoynter, so maybe we'll bump into each other on there?

and this page is lovely - poor Henry xD
Oh hell yeah I like Hetalia! \o/ people are NICE at LJ's comm. My country's England - lol, we got a 'sex pest' who used to be a pirate...rawrr?

I might draw you another fanart, Milky. Idk who, though. I did Sunny last time (is he up on your fanart page yet? He wasn't the last time I checked).

anywayy, loved this page and hope to ee more very soon!
you like hetalia?! ME TOO! \o/ I love Italy, heeh. I love dumb guys...

and I tote love this page...just getting your butt smacked a lot will burn...poor boy :'(
iluuuu Milky ^___^

&#9829; lol at Sunny. Just genius :')
December 15th, 2008
Milky, your little bear with the songs - zomg. You made me addicted to JC Chasez's "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" ;_;

Love this page, though. Who doesn't love shopping?!
Ohhh *flushes* lol, thank you for your pm, Milky, you made me happy ^^ and I'm super glad you liked Sunny!
Holy poopies - I drew you Sunny and I forgot to PM it to you! *goes to do it*

Love this page and the bossiness <3
November 22nd, 2008
my first comment...ever LOL (lame)
Sunnnnnny *happy sighs*

And wicked pool! o_0