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So sad!!! Please make an afterstory so we can be reassured of her eventual happiness! D:
My heart is doing weird sad motions right now.
Andrew's hairstyle makes me oh so happy. ~
The image isn't showing up.
@Skriptkitty: ahaha, sorry about that. In the first panel, Kaito is still reeling from the shock of their departure. The second panel is later that night, after Kaito comes home from work, he finds Kristoff sitting on his couch randomly.
I realize now I should have put a "10 hours later" box explaining the time change.
I like pandas and I like the color blue. There is no other meaning to it. I'm not very imaginative I'm afraid. v.v
So yeah....
Unfortunately, the thing about college is that I'm actually supposed to do you know...studying if I want to graduate (who knew?). Considering the immense amount of time I (in my noobishness) need to apply to get a single page done, this means that I will be unable to update as regularly as I had hoped.

HOWEVER: this comic is not going on hiatus in spite of this fact. It will just update rather...irregularly. ^^;; And the number of sketch fillers may skyrocket. For those who are willing to bear with me: I love you.

On another note, I gave up pretending I wasn't making something that was never meant to see the light of hardcopy paper and just grayscale-shaded it all. :D
Me toning needs work so please bear with me as it is worked on~
You have just had your first glimpse of Inoue-san's magical briefcase. And his borderline medically certifiable mysophobia. XD
Yay! New character. Who may or may not be kinda important later on. I like him. A lot.
Osh Gosh Begosh!
You have such lovely art~
Those last few pages have got me so curious as to what will happen next! X3
Yay update! XD
Bad news: I'm going on vacation for about three weeks where my access to constant air conditioning is in dire jeopardy.

Good news: If all goes well, I should have weekly updates up regardless because of smackjeeves' nifty schedule comic updates option. I have never been so productive before nor have had so many extra pages sitting around actually halfway complete. XD

Bad news ( :< ): Kaito never will find the handcuff keys. ^^;;
Fonts are hard D;
I like chibis. :D
I'm in love with the sister and her gorgeous hair. <3
Comment Virginity
YES! Another page~<3 Gotta go read everything again to refresh my memory =3=

Bwahaha. I love their eclectic personalities!
XD Poor Ursul. All he needed was to "learn to play a freaking harp." XD
Thank God there are historical evidence of female rulers referring to themselves using male titles! I thought I was just being weird for thinking that made more sense. XP
October 12th, 2010
He killed himself by accident?
So why did he think Twan had been his murderer?
I realize comics take a long time and a great amount of effort and I don't want to come across as pushy but....PLEASE UPDATE MORE!!!!!!! T_T I can't live without this. I'm dying to know what comes next!!!!
MYth: A Promise
child olympians = <3