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Page 2 of 2 for this week! Make sure you read the previous page as well.

Also finally some sign of Akio, just in time for his birthday on Tuesday. :)

Thank you for reading!!
@Jeanettert: Don't worry, he (probably) wouldn't actually do it!
Sorry for the late page! Thanks for reading.
Slight heads up for abuse for the next few pages! (...As you may be able to predict.) It's not gonna be anything significantly worse than what's been shown/implied already in this comic, but it is gonna be a bit more explicit, maybe.

Thank you for reading! :)
Btw, still doing OCeptember! I posted some really old art of Akio and Yuu the other day. :) Thank you for reading!
I only realized yesterday that I had posted the wrong image for last week's page, so make sure you read that too. Sorry!! orz;;;

Btw, I think I'm gonna do the OCeptember challenge this month and post the results on tumblr, so check there daily(? I'll try lol) for more stuff w/ TWC characters and maybe others. :>

Thank you for reading!!
...Now with the correct page this time, even!! Sorry about that.
@Jeanettert: Just ftr, this is happening after the events of the end of chapter 5. So who knows what could be happening in there now? We shall see. ;)
Page 2 of 2! Make sure you caught the page before this.

Thanks for reading!!
Page 1 of 2. :)
Page two of a two-page update! Make sure you didn't miss the previous page.

I'm really happy to see that I've gotten a few more new fans on SJ recently! Welcome, new readers! :D
Page one of a two-page update. :)
Sorry for skipping last week's update! Due to various personal factors I might continue to skip a few updates here and this summer, but I'll try to build up a buffer and/or do some multi-page updates to counteract that.

Thank you for reading, as always!!

ETA: The events of the previous pages were kind of referenced like a million years ago in chapter two, as was that picture at the top of this page.
@Jeanettert: Yes it really is<333

All your nice comments are totally making my evening btw! Thank you again!!
@Jeanettert: Aw, thanks! It's so nice to get a comment on such an old page. :)
You've hopefully kind of gotten this idea already, but middle school was $$$ (¥¥¥) and not something that just everybody did.

Thank you for reading! :)
Chapter Six!!
So excited to be back, and to have some new material to work on! :) The next portion of the comic is going to be a little different, so I actually thought about doing it as another "intermission" but...for now at least, I'm just calling it a regular chapter? You will see how things are as more pages go up. :)

I used several photos for reference for the main panel on this page, but especially this one.

Thank you for reading!!
...Aaand finished!!
Thanks for sticking with me through five chapters, everyone! This chapter was lots of fun (for me, if not always for the characters) but I'm definitely ready to move on to new material now.

If you have the time, I recommend reading back through this whole chapter one more time, just because parts of it happened like...a year and a half ago, lol. orz;;;

There will be a hiatus for one or two weeks for me to take a little break and get fully ready for the next chapter. Updates about when specifically the chapter will begin plus, other TWC stuff, can be found on my tumblr as always. :)

Edit: Almost forgot to add that Kamei's singing "Nonki-Bushi" again in that last panel! This time I used a translation that I stumbled across here. (The first page of the chapter has my own translation iirc.)