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Second page of a two page update! Make sure you don't miss the page before this one.

Btw, my sister drew a GORGEOUS picture of Kamei and Moe for me for my birthday last week, please check it out!!
First page of a two page update. :)
@CAMLOST: Thank you!! And good luck to us both, haha. xD;
Btw it's my birthday tomorrow! I started this comic when I was Akio's age and by the time I finish I'll probably be like.....Masanobu's age. :P

Thank you for reading!!
Sorry to be a little late this time! If you missed the big update last week, please be sure to go back and read from page 79. :)
@Cave: It means so much to me to hear that!! Thanks for your support as always. :)
@Cave: We are about at the halfway point of the story here, so still many twists and turns and feels ahead! :) Thank you for reading!
First page of a big update! :)
Btw, there will be no update next weekend! But then a surprise with the next update, perhaps! :)

Also btw, I did that McDonalds alignment chart meme on tumblr, plz check it out for EXTREMELY IMPORTANT character insights.
Thanks for reading!

By the way, I just went back and changed a line on page 66 slightly because I realized that it was a bit off. orz;; It's not hugely different, but go back and check it if you want to see the improved version.
Thanks for reading! :)
Sorry for the slightly late update! Thanks for reading! :)
Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it! :)

No update next week because I am traveling over the holidays, btw. Thanks for reading!
Thank you for reading! :)
Btw, I just posted some sketchy comics about my trip to Yokote in February on tumblr! It's autobiographical, but there are some things related to this comic too. :)
+ Some holiday news!
Would you like to get a little holiday card with some one-of-a-kind art by me in the mail? Read this and then fill out this survey!

Thanks for reading! :)
I hope all Americans out there had a nice Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for everyone who reads this comic.<3
Thank you for reading!
Akio's 115th birthday is tomorrow, by the way. :)