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Thank you for reading, as always. <3
Thank you for reading! <3
@CAMLOST: We will know before long! :>

And no, this comic isn't on any other platforms at the moment. I don't have any plans to post it anywhere else currently, but I also wouldn't completely rule it out one day? If I ever do that I'll definitely post about it here.

If anyone's curious, the other best source for my art/webcomic stuff is still tumblr.
Thank you for reading! :)
...And that's the end! A big update to make up for skipping here and there.

I actually kind of like doing multiple pages at once, even though this site isn't really set up for it? What do you think?

Thanks for reading, as always! <3
Page 1 of 4 for this update. :)
@CAMLOST: Thank you!! It's fun to try drawing scenes like this. :>
Hmm.....what could this mysterious scene change be??

You can actually see that building on Google Maps! It's not as tall as I made it look, and I think it may have been partly damaged and rebuilt after the big earthquake in 1923 (which hasn't happened yet in this story) so maybe it should look even more different, but I totally couldn't find any good old reference pics so it is what it is.

Btw I will be out of town this Sunday, so the next page might also go up <strike>on Monday</strike> (EDIT: or next weekend, oops =/) if I can't get it done in time.

P.S. I guess this is the 400th page of this comic? That's pretty cool. :>

Thank you for reading!!
Thank you for reading!
2 of 2! Thanks for reading. <3
Btw today (5/5) is Yuu's birthday. :)
Page 2 of a 2-page update! Make sure you read the previous page as well. :)

...And we're back with Chapter 6, PART 2! Btw, you may notice that I've used the "News" section at the bottom of the home page for the first time ever to add a little content warnings section. It's not anything that applies specifically to this chapter (if you've been reading the comic this far already, I don't think anything I wrote will surprise you), just something I've been meaning to do for a while in case any future new readers find it helpful.

Thanks as always for reading! I'm looking forward to drawing something different with this next section of the comic. <3
Page 1 of a 2-page update!
This is the end of what will be either Chapter 6, or Part 1 of Chapter 6! (I still haven't totally decided how I'm gonna divide things up, lol.) I think I will be taking a break next weekend, and then either Chapter 7 or Chapter 6 Part 2 will begin the weekend after that. Info about any schedule changes and extra art will be on tumblr as always. You can also feel free to ask me questions about the comic if you would like. :)

Thank you for reading!!
@Cave: Yes, I think so too! It sounds very peppy but the lyrics get pretty cynical as it goes on. (I guess they opted to ignore that in that anime though lol.) It's fun to try and include details like this in the comic even though it's not always very easy to research. :)
The song this time is "Tokyo-Bushi". (Or see anime version.) I relied a lot on the translation here this time.

Thank you for reading!!
A little late this time, sorry! Thanks for reading as always. :)
Btw I talked about Yamada and Ohira-sensei a little bit on tumblr recently, if you're interested in that. :)

Thank you for reading!
Optional Historical Note
It's come up a couple of times already, but just in case: During the time when this story takes place, middle school (which Akio and the other boys are currently in) was 5 years long, and higher school (one of several options after middle school) was 3 years long. So Ohira is right, if Yuu had started higher school on schedule he would be almost done.

Nikou is the nickname for Daini Koutougakkou (Higher School Number Two).

By the way, lots of people didn't go to those kinds of schools! It was really expensive and not necessary for many kinds of jobs.