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Sorry for the slightly late update! Thanks for reading! :)
Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it! :)

No update next week because I am traveling over the holidays, btw. Thanks for reading!
Thank you for reading! :)
Btw, I just posted some sketchy comics about my trip to Yokote in February on tumblr! It's autobiographical, but there are some things related to this comic too. :)
+ Some holiday news!
Would you like to get a little holiday card with some one-of-a-kind art by me in the mail? Read this and then fill out this survey!

Thanks for reading! :)
I hope all Americans out there had a nice Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for everyone who reads this comic.<3
Thank you for reading!
Akio's 115th birthday is tomorrow, by the way. :)
According to this site, this is the 300th page of this comic! That's pretty cool, but it also feels like not a lot for such a long time.... Thank you all for reading, as always! There's probably at least another 300 or so to go, haha.
Sorry for taking such a long break, but IRL stuff has settled down a bit, and now we should be back to normal updates! ~1 page a week, on weekends. :) Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading! <3
News + Links!
Hi everyone!! I'm really sorry for not getting a message up here in advance, but I'm currently in the middle of a bunch of big life transitions, and that may continue to make it hard for me to update regularly for the time being. I'll keep drawing a lot when I can and try to build up some kind of buffer, so hopefully there won't be too many pauses as long as this last one, but I can't absolutely promise anything for now.

The comic will be back on its feet 100% whenever I am (so....really hopefully not too long, lol), and in the meantime keep checking in! Thanks as always for your patience and support.<3

Other stuff:

-A little background on the last panel of this page on tumblr.

-Also on tumblr, I recently commissioned cool artist v-0-3 to draw Yuu and she did a seriously lovely job.<3333

Thank you for reading!!! To all Americans out there, be safe but stand up for what's right!
@Cave: I'm pretty sure that's about all I got for these guys, but who knows, I guess? Thank you for reading, and for the kind comment! :)
If you're in the mood for something completely different, I just uploaded Cousin Simon (the short comic I was working on for most of May) to Smackjeeves! It's over here.
This comic was drawn between June 2016 and February 2017. It's also posted on Tapastic.

Thank you for reading!!
Page two of a double update. Thanks for reading! :)
Page one of a double update!
Fyi Yuu's right, there is (was) a school not too far away in Sendai. (It's been mentioned in this comic about three and a half years ago already.)
A little more about Matsushima on my tumblr. Thanks for reading! :)