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B. Always the magic mirror.
Cyrodil. Oblivion is best TES game.
@Samurott: @rhymes: First off, it's not just one Pokemon. Most of them are a lot like that. Household object, add a few letters. Second, there were a lot more creative pokemon then there are in Black/White. Like Pikachu, Wobbuffet, Mew, Latios. I can go on.
THIS is why I didn't get Black/White. That pokemon is a freaking ice cream cone. It evolves to a double scoop. It's called Vanillish for gods sake. Vanilla - Vanillish. That's not even trying. That is just turning an object into a pokemon and adding a few letters to the end.
>Beat up BOT and continue.
You just like making people blow up don't you?
Anyone else think that it just looked like the diglett farted itself in fear? Even the diglett seems suprised that it worked.
Third panel FTW
3 days....
Anyone else notice his eyes and eyebrows are still on the glasses?
Could you fix the favorite button?
Just a note, the favorite button goes to the same place as the new readers one
Dragoon, or nameless
Fire, because yes
Shifty eyes Chaz, shifting eyes
Am I the only one who loves them? They are fun to fight, besides the only creepy part is when you look at them from far away and they stare at you. Then you look away and they teleport in front of you. Infact, they teleport whenever you swing at them. Freaking jerks.
>Restart with cool new stuff