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Ahhhhh your bgs are awesome as always Q M Q <33
Like it says, I'm going to be out of the country for the days listed up there and therefore I won't have any internet. My fellow co-authors have more information about this, but I'm putting this here as a reminder just in case. I'll update this again when I return.

Anyway, you guys can still go a head and post your character templates if you haven't done so already but basically we'll leave it as that until I get back~!

Miss you guys Q V Q9


HOMG I just realized... he hates the colour pink... HAMILTON IS ALMOST ENTIRELY PINK Q D Q;;

But yes like everyone else I love his design too~! e v e ♥
OH ROFL I love how you went and like... defaced the comic app XDDD!!
AHHH~ I like how his design turned out, very nice very nice Q V Q ♥
I think I will enjoy it very much when I get the chance to draw her # V # ♥
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Name: 'Hamilton'
Occupation: Odd Jobs Guy/ Mascot
Age: 17
Height: 5'8''
Likes: Gardening, chores, being invisible, clothes
Dislikes: Attention, not knowing what others do, disrespect
Stolen Item: Identity*
**As of current, Hamilton's real identity is only known to The Boss

Known as the 'guy in the bunny suit' or the 'guy that fixed the broken eaves trough last week', Hamilton prefers to keep to himself and stay on the down low. Not a lot of people know what he looks like under the suit- mostly because that's probably the only clothing he has left. When Hamilton 'arrived' at the Carnival he was in complete disarray, and had no recollection of who he was or why he was there. He was given the suit, the name Hamilton [courtesy of The Boss] and told to work until he found what he was looking for, his identity. Hamilton is generally modest and quiet in a somewhat awkward sort of way and isn't very good at saying 'no' or standing up for himself. He's easily flustered but is willing to help anyone with their problems.

So basically this is my character Q U Q;
Name: [The] Boss
Occupation: Manager/ Slave driver/ Boss
Age: ???
Height: 5’7’’
Likes: Organized chaos, teasing, pie, small children
Dislikes: You, whining, complaining, slackers, dogs

The Boss is a mysterious fellow, to say the least. He doesn’t talk about himself; however he indulges in learning the back stories of others. He comes off as a friendly chap when it comes to his customers, and enjoys making children alike smile and have a good time at his establishment. When it comes to his employees, though, the same can’t be said. He’s passive aggressive, manipulative, and uses blackmail as a means to fuel his business.

NPC-type character by the by q v q
Here we go~! Q U Q
Just an obligatory start/ intro page ; v ;
Lol, I love Nurse Ana & Frankie C:
@Seranis: Lol, I think so xD A Chat-roon would be kinda cool too, though. I just wonder if would get forgotten about though...?

Anyway- thanks Sera C:

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Sorry for , like, no tones or anything and for the crappy lineart. I'm still trying to get used to MangaStudio... ;w;

Basically Aiya unintentionally got another pair of scissors to come flying at her again...

I hope I didn't butcher Frankie and Nurse Ana too much D:
Sorry for making two new characters and then not going to be here >3>
They just popped into my head and wont leave D:

Anyway, the boy is Fuse and the girl is Aiya. They're, like, half-siblings.

Name: Fuse
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Siren

Likes: Music, emoticons, swimming(water in general), animals
Dislikes: Being glomped, scary old people, spicy food

Bio: Fuse's father was the same as Aiya's, however his mother was a siren. Because sirens generally lure men to their deaths, Fuse never got to know his father since his mother(unfortunately?) killed him(Lives with Aiya and her mother currently). Also, since he is only half-siren, he doesn't have full control over his powers and instead of his voice attracting the OPPOSITE sex, it tends to attract the SAME sex. Because of this he tries not to sing or talk to guys very often.

Special Abilities: His voice is able to attract the male population but more often occurs when he sings. Will have a longer life-span than that of a human.

Name: Aiya
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Likes: Arts and crafts(mostly painting), quiet places, photography
Dislikes: Pointy objects, dangerous/ risky things, coffee

Bio: Aiya grew up mostly normal as a child(aside from the fact that her mother was a single-parent and her half-brother was... different, to put it) At around age 7 she began to gain the ability to make things move without having to go do it physically. Although it's been 9 years later, Aiya still isn't very good with her gift so her mother sent her(along with Fuse) to this school so that she could master it. Because of her poor control, Aiya has a tendency to sent sharp objects flying her way. She describes this as 'clumsy'. She's also very shy.

Special Abilities: Aiya has telekinesis, although she's not very good at controlling her powers.

(Ps. Sorry for the kinda horrible hard cell shading)
First of all- I'm REALLY sorry it's not a page or anything ;A; I just wanted to upload something real quick since the last time I did was, like AGES ago and I probably won't be able to upload anything else for a while. In like, 3 weeks I should be able to post more often 'cus then it'll be summer vacation for me and I'll be back from my friend's house.

I hope a quickie picture of Kanon will make you guys (hopefully)not mad at me or anything >3>
Oh my~
I love the hairpin/ overallawesomecharacterdesign so much xD

Since he has, like, point ears and a cat-like(???) tail... I think he might have some identity issues, lol

Field trip idea sounds cool too C:
(-has to get drawing Kanon again- D: )

Ugh, the next few weeks I prolly won't be very active because I have exams and then I'll be staying at a friend's house for two weeks(my parents are going on vacation) so I don't think I'll be able to post very much.... D;